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Exam Result: How To Respond On Child Exam Result

Summer vacation is running great and fresh for children. children are far away from exam pressure. They just want to make this vacation memorable as much they can. This happiness is about to end because exam result is declared soon. Parents usually have no idea about how to respond to child exam result.

Exam result is just a number that never justified your child future. So in this particular post, we are going to suggest some way to respond when exam result declared. We strongly believe that marks are important but not everything.

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How To Respond On Your Child Exam Result:

Build Confidence before the Result:

Usually, children have a phobia of exam result because they want to be a topper. Many parents force their child to perform well on the exam so their son will top the class and their social status is became increase. So let educate your child about exam result and tell them about the value of marks. Please don’t expect any rank or percentage from your child. it’s may ruin their childhood. Read another article to know How to improve confidence in your child.

Never Compare with Other Children:

Indian parents compare their child with other children. when result declared parents start comparing marks with other children and that’s hurt badly. Children are going in the depression just because they feel that they are looser. Parents kept comparing in India, it’s very normal but it’s may ruin the childhood.

Educate Your Child About Marks Value:

Usually, Indian parents are very careful about child future and that’s why they keep saying their child that if they don’t perform well in the exam then they are looser. Educate your child about a lot of other things apart from marks. Tell your child that somehow exam result is not good then don’t worry.

So that’s it hope you like it. Keep build confidence in your child because life is not a race it is journey and exam are just a milestone. Don’t forget to Like, Comment, and Share this post. Keep shopping with Giftoo.


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Baby Girl: Birthday Party Ideas & Unique Gift

There is a no difference between girl and boy in terms of parents. We all are concordant on one point that baby girl is special, parents love them. If we organize a birthday party for the baby girl then we have to think about party theme. Party theme should be unique and color friendly. It should be the pink color that fed up in the air.

In order to maximize your joy or celebration, We are suggesting some cool gift for baby girl. Generally, a girl loves the pink color so it’s our duty to create a theme with fully pink touch. Giftoo love to spread happiness in your relationship so we have a gift collection of the baby girl. Do read this post and choose the right gift for your princess daughter.

Birthday Party Gifts For Baby Girl –

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LED Flashing Happy Birthday Printed Crown –birthday party crown for baby girl

A Crown is always fitted for the princess. Baby girl is the real princess So this gift surely loves every girl. It delivers baby pink color and LED light for flashing light. If you are planning a birthday party for a baby girl then believe us it is right item to buy.

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Angel Costume For Birthday Girl – 

angel pink costume for birthday girl, buy now,Girls are princess, angel, and Diamond for every parent. This is the best gift you can give to your angle. A fairy butterfly wings Angle costume for baby girls at the birthday party. Color available in a different color but pink suits your little princess. You get pink butterfly wings, a cool hair belt, and magically stick.

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