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Kids Birthday Party: Best Gift For Boys And Girls

It’s always special to celebrate kids birthday. More of the celebration parent have thought about the gift that suits children’s expectation and their creativity. Kids birthday party has to be classy but the gift must be noticeable. So in this article, we are helping all the reader with the best gift for a birthday party.

Gift For Kids Birthday Party:

Let categorized this topic in two stage of age. Under 5 year age and above 5 Year age.

Gift for Under 5 year age Kids:
Gift For Above 5 Year age Kids:
Idea/Theme For Birthday Party:

A unique theme can make a difference at the birthday party. Many theme and idea available for the birthday party. like Cartoon theme, Bollywood theme, color theme, etc.

Read Article For Interesting Theme and Idea for a Birthday party. 

Also, Read- Great & Unique Return Gift Ideas For The Birthday Party.


Kids birthday party is a responsibility for every parent. it must be energetic, cool, and fun loving. Gifts in kids birthday party are must be categorized by gender and respected age. There is plenty of choice in terms of the gift like the puzzle game, art kit, metro train or rail toys, Building block toys for little boys, Doctor kit, Milley ball, Cute LED flash Ring, Beauty accessory kit and Doll for Little Girl.


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Best School Kit for Children In India

As a responsible Parents, we all suffer some daily problem regarding Child school, school kit, and their health. Children get bored to school after some week that’s why we have to update their school kit. Children have used some school items regularly. Like Children lunch Box, their water Bottle, Compass set and many more.

Cool School Kit For Children –

Lunch Box (Tiffin) For Children-

 School kit, lunch box, cartoon shaped Burger Lunch Box, school kitschool kit, lunch box

If the lunch box is attractive and cool than children eagerly waiting for lunchtime. Lunchbox should look and packed properly because it can affect our children health. At the Giftoo, we have handpicked item of Lunchbox that’s why people love to shop with us.

Water Bottle For Kid-

  school kit, water bottle fo kidschool kit, school items, bottle for kid, giftand return giftSchool kit for kid, minions water bottle for kid, gift

For sustain, the drinking habit in children water bottle is the most useful thing. Water Bottle have to look cool and eye candy so children always looking on the bottle and drink water. We have Plenty of option for the water bottle at Giftoo.

Compass Set or Pencil Set-

best selling, school kit, best school items, art kit by apsara, bus compass box for kid, school kit, minion compass box, school kit, school items

At Giftoo, we have a unique category named “Back To School“. In this theme, we have a cool set of the compass and set of pencils, rubber. Let check the item for school kit.


At Giftoo, We have a cool product in Back to school kit range. Pencil and rubber kit, Water Bottle, Printed compass box, Lunch Box, Burger shaped lunch box, Cartoon Print Lunchbox, Password Lock Compass box and many more.

Birthday gift below rs. 50 giftoo, return gift

Birthday Gift below Rs. 50 Best Price In India

Birthday gift and decoration items are necessary things to shine your party. But most of us get confused to buy a good quality product or affordable product. At Giftoo, we have the mixture of both quality with affordable So here you can choose the right one.

The birthday gift is so much costly nowadays just because they blaming for quality. Everyone wants to buy affordable with a good quality product that’s why Giftoo has a unique collection of Birthday gift below Rs. 50. In this particular article, we are suggesting some awesome gift with the pocket-friendly price.

Birthday Gift below Rs. 50 Best In India-

Birthday gift and decoration items are shows attraction to the guest so you have to choose the right one. Click here to check entire collection below Rs. 50 buy it now.

12 Inch Latex Light Pink Polka Dot Balloon 12 Pic – 

Polka dot balloons, buy return gift from giftoo, below Rs. 50 Beautiful high quality durable natural latex colorful polka dot balloons to make your party memorable. Use them for party decoration. Each order contains 12pcs balloons. When blown up, each balloon has a diameter of 12 inches. Bring color to a party this balloons can be filled with water, air or helium Balloons arrive deflated. Always dispose of balloons properly. For Environmental safety do not release the balloons into the air.

Click to Buy Now. 

5 In 1 Pencil Stationery Set With Case Pouch –

Pencil set with case pouch, buy below Rs. 50, best price return gift This gift may be loved by parents and children too just because it is cartoon printed stationary set. You get Cool case pouch with pencil set. Most of the parents stuck to buy a unique gift for kids so their search is completed here. You get 1x ruler, 1x rubber, 2x Pencil, 1x pencil sharpener,1x small diary.

Click Here to Buy Now.



Blinking LED Cute Finger Rings –

5pcs-Kids-Cartoon-LED-Flashing-Light-Up-Glowing-Finger-Ring-Electronic-Christmas-Halloween-Baby-Fun-Toys, return gift giftooBlinking LED Cute Finger Rings with Cartoon Characters is the cutest gift that you can give to someone. Colorful LED light bling with some lovable cartoon characters. kids gonna loved them and they die to have it.

If you planning to buy some unique gifts as well as cool then it is the right choice for you.

Buy LED Finger Rings Now.


We have Dozens of gift below Rs. 50 So click here to check our collection. Hope you like our post. Don’t forget to Like, Comment, and Share this post with your friend.

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Baby Girl: Birthday Party Ideas & Unique Gift

There is a no difference between girl and boy in terms of parents. We all are concordant on one point that baby girl is special, parents love them. If we organize a birthday party for the baby girl then we have to think about party theme. Party theme should be unique and color friendly. It should be the pink color that fed up in the air.

In order to maximize your joy or celebration, We are suggesting some cool gift for baby girl. Generally, a girl loves the pink color so it’s our duty to create a theme with fully pink touch. Giftoo love to spread happiness in your relationship so we have a gift collection of the baby girl. Do read this post and choose the right gift for your princess daughter.

Birthday Party Gifts For Baby Girl –

Click here to check entire collection of girl exclusive.

LED Flashing Happy Birthday Printed Crown –birthday party crown for baby girl

A Crown is always fitted for the princess. Baby girl is the real princess So this gift surely loves every girl. It delivers baby pink color and LED light for flashing light. If you are planning a birthday party for a baby girl then believe us it is right item to buy.

Click here to buy LED flashing Crown Now.



Angel Costume For Birthday Girl – 

angel pink costume for birthday girl, buy now,Girls are princess, angel, and Diamond for every parent. This is the best gift you can give to your angle. A fairy butterfly wings Angle costume for baby girls at the birthday party. Color available in a different color but pink suits your little princess. You get pink butterfly wings, a cool hair belt, and magically stick.

Click here to buy now.


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Toys For Kids & Baby Games: Best Price in India

We all have some childhood memories and toys are very valuable things in it. Every child is improving by toys and games just because they are involved in the mental exercise. Nowadays most of the children ignore toys and games, they just want a smartphone to play with. It will cause badly for children.

In order to live childhood to your child like you do in past, we are suggesting some most commonly games and toys for the champ. Please don’t give any type of smartphone to your child. In this particular article, we are suggesting some toys and games so your child involved in playing and make a distance to the smartphone.

Top Toys & Games For Children :

Read another article to know How to improve confidence in your child.

Fashionable Princess Doll – 
Doll with music, toys, games for children, best price in india

A girl usually love the doll and wanted to live like the doll.  A gorgeous gown and fabulous hair allow for so much creative expression. A doll is a life for girl child So give your baby girl this Fashionable Princess Doll In Bridal Gown Look With Music.

Click Here to Buy Princess Doll Now.




Transformers Convertible Toy –

Transformers toys, best price in indiaTransformers Toy Convertible into Car & Robot. These toys are specially designed to improve creativity in children. let your child make some extraordinary toy or you can gift other champ. You must unlock the secrets of combination to become more powerful robots and battle Decepticons that are bigger and worse than you have faced before.

Click Here to Buy Transformer Toys at best price Now.

 Click here to know more toys. So that’s all about of Some unique toy and games, hope you like it.In the last, we requested to all parent out there that don’t give smartphone in your child’s hand. It will cause lack of creativity.  Don’t forget to Like, Comment and Share.

Decoration Item & Unique Idea for Birthday Party

A birthday party is a festival nowadays, so much guest gathering, Playing the game, cake and birthday song. The biggest card for any party is to decorate your house So in order to style your house decoration item are good enough. Any home can look more attractive by adding right decoration item in it.

Many of us were stuck to find good idea and theme for the birthday party. So in this article, we are going to reveal some cool idea and catchy decoration item for a birthday party. click here to know

Decoration Item & Unique Idea for Birthday Party –

LED Light Cool Balloons – 

flashing light led balloons The balloons are most trusted decoration item but if they look ordinary than nobody notices them. So giftoo offer you to some eye candy LED light balloons. They are not only attractive but affordable too. They make the perfect party decoration item for people who love to have a good time. Use them as decor for your next party and enjoy the compliments.

These Mix Colors Balloons with LED Lights are perfect for any occasion – Birthday Party, Wedding Ceremony, Marriage Anniversary, New Year, etc. So put them your bucket list and click here to buy Cool LED light balloons and explore more.

Paper Chain Garland Party Decoration Kit – 

paper chain decoration item, giftoo return gift, buy online gift for birthday party.This Paper garland is designed to add color and elegance to your holiday or birthday party. This paper chain could make a unique style of decoration. The paper garland well-made and vibrantly colored- looks and available in the different design. They are perfect to decorate your Christmas trees, windows, doorways, wall, stair rail, lamp posts.

Click to buy a Paperchain garland decoration item.

You can check the decoration collection here. So that’s about decoration items and ideas hope you enjoy the reading. Don’t forget to Like, Comment and Share this post.


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Must Check Birthday Party Item For First Birthday

It’s always so much fun to celebrate the birthday but if you are a parent and looking to organize a first birthday party for children then it’s going to a very busy day. Parents generally want to make a boom on their champ’s birthday no matter it’s first or 17th.

So to minimize your tension and make hassle-free birthday celebration we are going to give some suggestion about decorating item for the first birthday party of your child. In order to boost the creativity in your decoration and candle idea just read this article properly.

Awesome Birthday Party Item For First Birthday –

We know the excitement of first birthday celebration but we also care your little champ so giftoo advise you to never use fire item in decoration like crackers or party bomb. little children are to very sensitive so safety first.

Birthday Party Cap For Baby Boy-

Party cap for birthday champ is necessary but it must be attractive and eye candy for all guest. At Giftoo, there are many choices in terms of birthday party cap so choose your favorite one. Let check more birthday party caps and buy it now.

Jungle printed Banner for the first Birthday –
Happy Birthday Jungle Printed Banner

A wall banner is always must item for a birthday party and when it’s the first birthday Cartoon theme is most lovable. So let bring this product by clicking here. A cartoon type theme happy birthday banner is very cool looking and memorable item too.



Cool candle for the first birthday celebration – 

Birthday is never complete without candle and guest. We know that your little champ is not ready to blow the candle. It’s advice for parents to make sure the children are being safe. Giftoo gives you to choose the right candle for a first birthday party. Buy candle now. check giftoo’s candle collection for the first birthday party celebration.

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Gift: Awesome gifts for 5-year-old children to improve creativity

Five-year-old children are always a baby product like a small plant, a little bit softer. Buying a gift for little champ is a very difficult task for parents because it’s very complicated. At giftoo, we have thousands of product for children as well as for five-year champ. So let check out a list that can be helpful for every parent.

In this particular article, We are going to reveal some catchy gift that is specially designed for five-year children. Every parent want their child to be more creative and sharp minded so giftoo suggested you some creative gift that enough content to rise creativity in your children. By reading this post you can easily choose some awesome gift for your little champ. Click To Buy Creative Gift For Birthday Party and Free Gift Wrap.

Creative Gifts for 5-year-old children-

Giftoo is latterly working towards serving happiness to our customer. In order to build another milestone, we are suggesting some gift so hope you like it.

Construction Engineering Toy Set-

construction engineering tools for five year old child, buy return gift, birthday party gift, buy online gift from giftoo
construction engineering tools

A Perfect toy set for Constructional Engineering learning kids. Many of us wanted to rise creativity level in our children so this product is very helpful. Kids will sure love playing with this toy set. Set Include All Constructional Engineering toys Like Mobile Crane, Car, excavator, Front END Loader, Sign Board, Oil Drums.

Click Here To Buy Construction Engineering Toy Game Now

Learning & Building Blocks Toys-

Building block for five year old child, buy return gift, birthday party gift, buy online gift from giftoo
Building Block Toys

That is the only gift which transforms through generation. Blocks Assess Your Child Physically and Mentally Development. Now you don’t have to choose between fun and learning so let your children completed own dream project. In order to build creativity, this product is the right choice.

Click Here To Buy Building Block Toys Now

Injection Style BallPen For Kids-

Injection Style creative Pen for five year old child, buy return gift, birthday party gift, buy online gift from giftoo
Injection Style Pen

Every child does not like to go school daily so in order to make this process more interesting parents can buy a creative pen. This Syringe Needle Shape Ink Pens For children or Birthday Party Return Gift. Let feed the right interest in children for Doctor, Nurse, Dentist. Your little champ will love to write down their dream with this creative pen.

Click Here To Buy Injection Style Pen Now

So invest in your children’s future to make them more creative and sharp minded. Hope you like this post and don’t forget to Like, Comment, & Share this article.

Top 20 Unique & Trending Return Gifts for Kids Below Rs.100/- in India.

Birthdays are full of Fun, many thing associated to just the word like Cake, Balloon, New Dress, Party, Cookies, Chocolates, Gifts, Party Snacks, Games and a lot more, but what is most exciting about birthdays is Gifts…!

When it comes to planning a Birthday party the list goes long and long, from venue to theme, from cake to snacks, from décor to games and then come a really important thing “Return-Gift”

These days Return Gift is a definite new trend, no birthday party is complete without a return gift to ensure a smile on little guests’ faces as they return home.

Its strenuous to decide the perfect Return Gift and It is way far tuff to get something in your pockets budget as well that is Delighting, choosing a correct gift is a big-big task, with a big-big question mark of what to choose and what not ?

To help you out with your problem this time I have  a list solution to you that will not only cut your problem off but also will give you a sigh of relief and here it goes

1. Magic Folding Water Cup/ Glass

This is a unique and amazing product. This magic glass is very tiny and small when collapsed and becomes a normal glass when expanded. Innovative designed Collapsible Water glass that provides more room for storage when not in use. It pops up when needed to give you a cup for water. It can be easily carried in your pocket or bag. Save space with this Collapsible Water Glass Set,Not only fun, but extremely practical, it is a must for the busy traveler, especially for kids!

Check Latest Price or Buy it from Here ,

2. 5 In 1 Pencil Stationery Set With Case Pouch

This Gift Set is one of Power pack for students kids, This pack contain 5 items, Contains ( 1x ruler, 1x rubber, 2x Pencil, 1x pencil sharpener,1x small diary ) So this can be a perfect return gifts item , you can use in your child birthday party.

Check Latest Price or Buy it from Here ,

3. Barrel Of Slime – Fun For All Kids

You can pick it up and yet your hands are still dry! It sticks together but isnt sticky! You can pull it apart and it rejoins seamlessly! Extremely tactile, great fun and endless potential! Fabulous `messy play` sensory resource. This has to be seen and touched to be believed. There`s nothing else like it! Kids love it – and why not, it’s safe and non-toxic. Pour it over your friends’ cell phone, keyboard, desk, or anywhere you imagine, to trick them! Please don’t eat it! A barrel containing oil slick type slime Probably the best slime you’ll ever experience Run it through your fingers, ooze it over objects Pour it from hand to hand Imagine a liquid that isn’t wet! Flows like liquid jelly but not sticky You can tear it apart but it will rejoin perfectly – just like the termi-nator. 🙂

Buy it from Here.



4. Car Stationery Gift Set

This is Very Nice and Cheapest Gift Ever, Totly Made in India, Contacin ( 1 Pencil, 1 Scale, 1 Rubber, 1 Car Set ) a perfect item for distribute in kids birthday party as a return gift and Party Favours.

Interested in This one, Buy from Here. 

5. Soda Can Shaped Wet Wipes Random Design

cute Can shaped Mini Wet Tissue, Extremely unique product. 30 Barreled Wet Wipe Portable Travel essential Wet wipes. Cute and Beautiful and Decorative.
Mobile Wet wipes, Coke can shaped, print box. Extremely easy and convenient, you can keep it inside your pocket. 2017 NEW cute Cartoon Coke Bottle Canned Mini Wet Tissue, Extremely unique product. 30 Barreled Wet Wipe Portable Travel essential Wet wipes.
You can Hang in the bag for the decoration,You can take when you travel and so on. Portable and mobile for Home Car 30 Pcs Wet Wipes Mini Cartoon Cans Tissue Paper Towel Case Tin.
Portable 30 Pcs Cartoon Cans Mini Wet Wipes / Tissue Paper Case with tissue paper in it. Portable, convenient to carry and use. creativity design, Perfect for car or travelling use and Gift.
Material: 100% rayon, non-weaving cloth.

Looking for Your Child , See it here

6. Portable Cosmetic Makeup / Stationery Pen Case /Storage Case

  • Conveniently carry your personal care items such as stationery, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, cosmetic, makeup, etc.
  • Sturdy quality zipper and double stitching throughout allow you to really load these up with carry handles.
  • Protect your items from moisture or sand, or separate
  • Package Includes: 1 Piece Pouch in Random Design

Make it Your Own.  Here

7. Creative Kettle Bottle For Travel And Office Use (350 ml)

Creative Kettle Bottle Is Ideal For Travelling, The Office Or Coupled With College Books.Easy To Handle And Clean, Can Be Used As Frosted Fruit Bottles.
Durable And Freezer Proof And Heat Resistant (Do Not Use With Very Hot Drinks)

Want to Carry Water in This Creative Kettle Bottles, Shop from Here.

8.Printes Luggage & Bag Tag – 1Pc

 The luggage tag is made of soft pvc and available in attractive funky colors, that makes your baggage immediately identifiable on the travel carousel, among other similar bags. It also helps to ensure that you picking your own bag and not anyone elses On the other side of the tags is where you’ll find a place to personalize your tags! Helps protect against lost or stolen luggage – One less thing to worry about when traveling! Adjustable strap will fit any size luggage or personal item handle.

Thinking About Your Kids School Bags, Grab it from Here.

9. New Arrival Cute Hand Spinner Gel Pens Stationery Birthday Return Gift.

  • Stylish Colorful Kid’s favorite Hand Spinner Gel Pen
  • The Best For Return Gift In Kids Birthday Party
  • Uniform Flow of Gel Inks Writes Without Any Gaps and Smudges.
  • Pens are Easy to Grip with little hands Great as small gifts for kids.
  • Note : Colour & Design may vary as per the stock availability

Want to Spin, Buy now

10. Notebook Water Bottle For School, Travel And Office

Its assorted colors is a perfect combination of utility and style. Can hold liquids upto Max temperature 50 C, (120F).Its convenient handle makes it Easy to handle and clean, Wash with warm water and don’t wash in the dishwasher. Not suitable for carbonated liquids. Can be used as Frosted Fruit bottles. A Special gift for your friends, kids or loved ones. Great space saving design sports bottle for every use. Ideal for travelling / Office, School, Colleges, Outdoor Activities, Sports, Hip Flask, water bottle, flasks, Fruit / vegetable Juice Bottle, sipper water bottle. It gives users a convenient object that fits neatly into any carrying case, just like a book or a computer. Durable and Freezer proof and heat resistant (Do not use with very hot drinks). College going students can handle this as college books. This has a beautiful neat handle to carry this water bottle. Adds to your style ( style Statement ).

Which is your Favorite Colour..?, Grab It from

11. Cute Rabbit Style Goggles / Sunglasses

Made from high quality plastic. These combo of party eye glasses are cool and trendy. Also this is the good thing to gift. These will be the highlight for kids party wear and an perfect fashion wear for them.

Your Kids Love Sunglassess or Rabit ? Just Buy for Them Now.

12. Burger Shaped Round Lunch Box

This is Real Burger Style Lunch Box, a Best amzing gift for Kids, as Kids love Burgers , They will Love it..

Feeling Hungry, Want to Eat Burger Now 🙂 Order Here

13. Combo Gifts With Bag – Super Saver

Super Saver Pack – 1 Whistle, 1 Pencil + 1 Teddy Style Sharpner & Eraser 1 Teddy Foldable Sunglass With Plastic Gift Bag. Suitable for Both Girls & Boys.

Buy its now Before its Gone, HURRY 

14. Colorful Wooden Photo Frame For Kids Bedroom Hall

Wooden Photo Frame For Kids birthday return gifts. It’s printed with vibrant colors and design, one can easily insert the photograph of their choice at it’s back slot, with the help of wooden stick provided it can be placed on an even and flat surface like bed corners, side tables, study tables or any other platform. Embosses Print 3D Design Light Wood Cellophane packing Hang it on a wall. Wooden stand Available in Multi-design

Keep Ready Your Kids Photo, And order Frame from Here.

15. Kids 7 In One Fun Board Games

Give Your Kids Your Childhood, With these 7 in One Games (Ludo Snakes & Ladder Car Race)

Really Missing Ludo Snakes & Ladder, Order Your Memories Here. 🙂

16.Kids Nail Art Sets For Girls Aging 4-10 yrs Birthday Gift Return Gift

Let your little princess enjoy her own Salon, nail art parlor set is among the best from the house of the manufacturers, exclusively for the girls. This complete nail art design kit includes three different shades of nail colors, a tray that has all the manicure essentials, nail separator, swabs, a glue tube for the artificial nail set and multiple nail stickers. The designs for nails are extremely funky and in line with the best color choices that little girls would love to enjoy. Learn, Engage and Bring Colors to Life We brings some of the best nail art products for kids with the clear intention of offering them easy ways to have fun and learn at the same time, no matter where they are.

Check Price & Availability Here.

17. Doms Neon Pencils Set Of 10 With Sharpner Pack

This Product is From Doms, a well Know Brand in India, Neon rubber tipped graphite pencils High quality graphite for dark and neat writing which stays longer Accurate bonding process Softened and well treated wood

Buy Now from Giftoo. Here  

18. Wooden Funky Nature Designs Pen, Pencil & Stationery Stand

Organize your desk and your life with this Wooden Pen Holder Elegant bright colors harmony design, made with quality wooden, excellent painted and craftsmanship. Art Pencil Holder This Wooden Pencil Holder is durable, hygienic and easy to clean. This wooden pen holder is the perfect item for personal use or return gift Animal Face design shaped pen holder is kids’ constant friend Cute cartoon earthworm always on hand to be a companion with kids This wooden pen holder will make a great party favor for your special little one’s birthday party.

Buy Now,

19. Ice Cream Funny Punch Party Gag Toy

A brilliant toy that brings maximum of happiness, these toy cone shooters comes in adorable assorted colors, measures 5 inches with cone and foam ball on top, safe and lightweight. These toy cone shooters are perfect party favors for your loved ones, can also be used as a decoration, a great goody bag fillers, treats, gifts, perfect during easter, Christmas, get together and especially Halloween, trick your family and friends with these cone shooter. The cone shooter is made of plastic cone and foam ball with string attached to keep the ball in reach always. Good for kids and adults, and also keeps kids busy playing for a long period of time.

Love This Products, Buy Exclusive From

20. Magic Drawing Magnetic Slate Board Doodle Elephant Shaped For Kids

Magic magnet doodle size is good for travel, which is keep little one busy on a trip last minute. It is a toddler drawing board lets your children to express their creative side. It can exercise your baby’s hand-eye coordination. Includes a large drawing screen and a easy slider eraser. The Magnetic pen has its storage slot so it will not easily lost. It’s the best partner with your child; it can stimulate a kid’s thinking ability and imagination space, make the children grow up happy in learning.

Buy From Here. 

These are Some of Basic Gifts Only , You can Browse All 1000+ Birthday Return Gifts Available from , Don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE this post. Stay tune for more informational post and Keep shopping with GIFTOO.