Planning for another baby than talk to your child first

Sometimes many parents don’t take advice or talk to their little children on many topic. We all think that our children are too small to understand the topic and that’s why we neglect them. Children are very soft by heart so they get attach to every phase in childhood. It is correct that not every topic is necessary to discuss with child but when parent planning for another baby then it must to talk with your children.

Children have very limited area to think in real world. They have their own belief and not all belief is correct. It is normal that parents are not talk with children on next baby but sometime children are scared and depressed. Few Children think that nobody takes care or love them after next baby. So it better to talk to your champ before new baby.

Things that you have to spell out for your child:


Educate your child about siblings and their pure love. Help them to understand that upcoming member of house never take position of child. Parents love never divides it just multiply. So it’s our duty to educate your champ all about new born baby and relationship.


It’s a major factor where lots of child failed to sustain. Sharing is not easy for elder too so for little kid it’s hard to understand. Summarize your love for both of children and tell them about sharing. It’s fed up value in future for siblings because sharing is caring.


Siblings are a fruitful relation in our culture so it deserves responsibility also. Educate child about responsibility of being an elder brother/sister. Spell out the important things which can work for recognize the responsibility.

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