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Indian Parents: Things that need to Realize, Most useful parenting tips for the Indian parent

Indian Parents: Things That Need To Realize

Indian parents are very unique they are loveable, sacrificing their dream, and most importantly they are caring. Indian parents are always best but in some manner, they are doing wrong. Even they don’t want to understand children properly. So in this particular article, we are going to discuss some things that parents need to realize.

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Indian parents need to Realize –

  • Don’t get angry just because your child lost in a competition or tournament. Keep encourage them and educate about the importance of failure. That adds Confidence to them when they participate in another competition.
  • Never discourage them by saying, “ you couldn’t win, you don’t have the talent, stop doing all these and concentrate in studies.”  You are only crushing their self-esteem! by saying that silly words.
  • Indian Parents are not like sports because of contradiction about the importance of sport over studies. So it’s humble request to all reader Don’t  Stop your children from pursuing sports ( or other Co-curricular activities) just because they are starting board exams. encourage them to balance both.
  • Never  Compare to other with your champ. God makes everyone unique and it is the parent’s duty to sharp their interest and encourage them.
  • Usually, Indians parent is yelling at the child if they do not perform well. If you are yelling always than children keep hide things and feeling because they afraid of you. The best method is to talk to them properly So they freely show their feelings.

Indian parents are not doing well and they have to improve. Things that Indian parents need to realize listed in this article. Never Yelling on children, Spend some time with the child, encourage child if they couldn’t win. Tell them the importance of Failure in life. Let balance with study and sport or other activity. Keep Comment to an opinion about the post. Keep Shopping with Giftoo for the best return gift.

Good parents tips, Most useful parenting tips for the Indian parent, how to control the anger of child

Good Parents : Things that good parent always perform

We all are concordant on one point that everyone is not perfect but they can better by improving themselves. The word “Good parents” also refers to the same manner just because good parenting is a task and no one get best out of it. So for improving your parenting skill, we are come up with ideal tips.

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How To Be A Good Parents:

We are going to share some common tips that can help you in terms of good parenting. So read this article till the end.

1. Try to understand them:

Children have trust in their parent.  Sometimes the child hides their feeling but their behavior shows all about children. So keep talking to your children so you can easily understand what they are facing off.

2. Discover Child’s talent and nurture it:

Don’t live your Dream through your child. Just because you wanted to be an IAS officer when you were a kid does not mean your child has to. Encourage your child activity and interest.

3. Stop Comparing. Proud on your child:

As an Indian, we know how it hurt when our parent comparing us in a negative way. It’s feel embarrassing when you get compare in front of other people so stop comparing. Mr.X’s or Mrs.Y’s child may not be the child you wanted. Your kid is a special one and encouraging their interest is a duty for every parent.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”

– Albert Einstein

4. Don’t Abuse your child:

Most of the time parents are suffering from tension and depression and them abuse their child. Children are very sensitive in terms of word and feeling. Your abusing behavior may increase lying habit in your child. Read How to Minimize lying habit of your child. 

5. Applaud when they deserve:

There are many parents who never pat on their child’s back or cheer them. You don’t know what children are going through. Everyone needs support and appreciation to continue good work so remember your little effort always count.


As a responsible parent, we are always thinking about better parenting. Most of the time Indian Parent are compare or overconfidence towards their child. For good parents, we have to spend some time, trust on the child, Appreciate child, Encourage Child talent. So let us know about this article in the Comment section. Visit Our website Giftoo for Gift.

Most useful parenting tips for Indian parent, learn parenting, positive parenting

Most Useful Parenting Tips For Indian Parent

As a responsible parent, Indian are doing a good job but at the same time, we are collectively doing wrong. So in this particular article, we are going to reveal useful parenting tips for Indian parent.

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Most Useful Parenting Tips –

  • Let your child sleep in on Saturdays morning. A morning without an alarm clock screeching is a treat. Child gonna love this gesture from you.
  • Practice a healthy lifestyle and self-care for yourself. This will set a healthy example for your children.
  • Most important: Teach your children to say, “Thank you,” and “Please.” this word shows Good manners and that will help them get along with others.
  • It’s okay to say “sorry” as a parent. an apology makes a parent cool not rude behavior.
  • Listen to your child carefully. Sometimes children afraid of you so they don’t share their feeling. Listen to what they tell you. Hear for what they may not be telling you.
  • Don’t live your Dream through your child. Just because you wanted to be an IAS officer when you were a kid does not mean your child has to. Encourage your child activity and interest.
  • Indian parent keeps telling their child to their winning story but they kept hiding their struggle. it’s very important to share your struggle experience to your child because it helps in terms of good human being.
  • Golden Tips – Give some time to talk with your child. It helps a lot in terms of building a strong relationship between parent and child. Children can easily share their feeling in front of parents. it is a better way to know each other very well.


By applying all the method of good parenting it’s not solve everything because you have to know your child first. This method a way of better parenting so keep remembering all and stay tuned with our Giftoo blog. Keep Share this article with your friends if it’s informatics.



Bad Parenting: Common Mistake By Indian Parents

Many times children do not adjust to the family environment just because of bad parenting. Children who are victims of bad parenting from an early age show tendency of developing criminal behavior and poor inclination towards academics. Children may suffer from some diseases included low self-esteem. Every parent should need to settle their argument in private. Bad parenting can provoke children to indulge in antisocial behavior.

So in this article, we are going to explain bad parenting and how to deal with it. If your children are showing aggressive behavior and disrespect then you need to improve your parenting skill. Read full article till the end to improve parenting and figure out your mistake towards children.

Effects of Bad Parenting:

Criticism of children in public:

Many of Indian parent generally criticize their children in front of the public. They just wanted to improve their child by doing it but it may Forcibly depress your child. Children think that their parent does not love them and they do not respect their thought.

Never Laugh on Children’s Imagination:

Generally, parents not serious about children imagination and they just laugh. Parents laugh every time when their children supposed to be a billionaire in future. Children are just soft-hearted and when they saw their parents make the joke of their thought then they have broken from inside. So please never laugh on your champ imagination, it will help them to improve self-esteem.

Anger Control By Parent:

If a parent showing so much anger in front of their child then lil champ are suffered from low self-esteem. It is a common issue in Indian parenting that they are aggressive, shouting and hitting the kids and children may fall into negativity. It may affect your children mental growth and kids do not develop the skills to deal with disappointment, anger, and negativity.

So that’s what we discuss about. Hope you like it. Feel free to Commenting your view.

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Mother’s Day: Motherhood Lesson For All Ages

On the mother’s day, Giftoo congratulates every mom out here because their sacrifices are unbeatable. Generally, Mother’s day is just like normal days. We wish our mother and tell them how much we love them but is it enough,

Mother is an institute and we have learned some good habit from our mother. Let make this mother’s day something more special. In this particular post, we are going to suggest some good habit of every mom that everyone should admire.

Learn Good Habit From Mother:

Time Management:

We all are concordant at one point that if a person can manage the time that success is very easy in life. Learn from your mother that how to manage time and work tirelessly. Educate your children for don’t waste time in watching too much TV or other activities. Make a routine or schedule for important tasks including studies and play. For better habit of time management in your child, you have to follow the routine and encourage your champ to do better than you.

Social or Communication Skills:

Better communication skill should increase your confidence level in future. This is one of the basic life skills that should be taught right from the time yourself. Let learn from mother that how to be a leader and good communication with others because when you will grow up you will be able to handle teamwork successfully and interact with other more efficiently and impressively.

Money Management:

This is one of the basic secrete of life which is neglected by most of the person. Most people think that giving importance to money issue in front of the family will make a stressful scenario. Yes, it is right that everyone does not understand the financial issue but our mom can give you an idea or you can learn some money management trick from mother.

Relationship Skills:

We all know that our mom has strong bonding with every person of the house. Mother always take care of the entire family. Encourage yourself to choose friends with same interests and personalities so that they make good relationship bonding. Showing your kids having and maintaining good relationship skills is an easy way.

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Best Breakfast Option If You Are On Dieting, Mom diet plan, Lady Dieting, fitness

Must Read – Best Breakfast Option If You Are On Dieting

We all are concordant on one point that early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Being a fit person is a new fashion saga in modern days. Many people try to give their best in the gym but it is not enough for a healthy life. Exercise is the important role in our fitness plan, it also helps in mental health. For better fitness, we have to exercise properly and eat Healthy breakfast.

There are many contradictions on right diet plan because every person wants a quick result on their body. So, first of all, we are going to admire one thing that it takes time to shape your body. It’s not a short-term diet; it’s a long-term lifestyle change. Once Buddha said, “To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”. Always true to yourself.

Many people want a dream figure or fit body so they go for diet but only a few are knows about the right and healthy diet plan. Some recipes are healthy but not tasty and some are tasty but not suitable for weight loss. So if you are on diet and eagerly looking for right recipes for the healthy body than belief us your mouse roaming in the right area. In this article, we are going to reveal some tasty breakfast options if you are on diet.

Healthy breakfast option if you are on Dieting-

Rainbow salad-

The salad is a better option for everyone and if it is tasty and colorful than nobody going to miss it. Breakfast is the key to all day’s meal plan so better breakfast will give better confidence. Rainbow salad consisting many fruits like apple, banana, strawberry, grapes, blueberry, orange, and tomato.

Masala Oats-

This is a very healthy and tasty breakfast option for a person who is on dieting. Many flavors can be touched with oats like simple, masala or tomato. Masala oats are a product of wheat. It is a better option if you are a noodle lover want to diet.

Dry fruit breakfast-

We all admire that dry fruit are the best source of instant energy. You can add dry fruit to your breakfast schedule list. Wall-nut, both golden and traditional raisin, apricots are the main integrants in dry fruit and all of them are easily available on market.

Boiled Vegetables-

Boiled vegetables are another funky breakfast on this list. One of the best advantages of boiled vegetable is easy to make and easy to eat. Boiled veggies give good nutrition for every type of body. Cabbage, carrot, chana-palak are best veggies to boiled. Cucumber is the best thing for every fat guy to get fit.

Other breakfast options for weight loss or getting fit-

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Peanut butter or Banana shake, oatmeal squares, morning glory muffins, tomato toast.

According to nutrition and health expert drinking water is the best remedy for every fitness problem. There are only three things need in healthy life-Right food, water, and exercise.  Once a famous Hollywood actor Paul Walker quoted that “My mom was always really healthy and cautious about her diet, so I’m not a big sugar guy”.  So it’s our duty to keep the body in good health, otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.

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Learn How To Minimize Your Child’s Lying Habit, return gift, mother's day, parenting

Learn How To Minimize Your Child’s Lying Habit

Every little kid liar and even we older also lie once a day. Sometimes children used to with hiding truth and it’s become a part of their life. In the phase of parenthood, every parent faces a major challenge that how to minimize lying habit of their child. Understanding our own child is one of the most difficult things that we should learn as a parent. Every child has a different kind of nature and ability to deal with.

Many parents complaining that their child is hidden many things and always lie. Sometimes we are concerned about child behavior and deeply worried that bad attitude may be ruining our kid’s life in future. So in this particular article, we are going to reveal some tips to understand your child behavior. These tips may help your children in term of minimizing lying habit.

Tips For Lying Habit In Your Child:

Lying Habit in a child:

It’s very often thing in every child to lying. Educate your child about demerit of being a liar. Sometimes children have not much courage to tell truth because of they afraid of their parent. Always be a friend with champ so your child comfortable with every situation. You need to tell your champ some moral base fairytale story on a regular basis so your children can easily understand the power of truth.

Be the role model your children deserve:

Just think about it who is your role model … your parent… isn’t it? So same method applies to your children too, it’s your duty to maintain a proper personality in front of children. Kids learn by watching their parents. Modeling appropriate, respectful, good behavior works much better than telling them what to do.

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Educate Your Child To Respect Older People

Educate Your Child To Respect Older People

Many parents do not know the art behind how to push their child to respect or obey older people. In the phase of parenthood, every parent faces a major challenge that how to understand their child’s behavior. Understanding our own kid is one of the most difficult things that we should learn as a parent. Every kid has a different kind of nature and ability to deal with.

Many parents complaining that their child is showing abusive attitude in front of older people or guest. Sometimes we are concerned about child behavior and deeply worried that bad attitude may be ruining our kid’s life in future. So in this particular article, we are going to reveal some tips to your child. These tips may help your children in term of obeying guest and older people.

Here some useful tips for your child:

Disrespect of older person by your little kid:

It is a major issue in childhood when they rude by nature. Disrespect of older person by your children may be the major drawback of parenthood. You need to Figure out community around them, similar age children, and home environment. Tell them some fairy tale story with moral of obeying guest or encourage their good skill in front of guest So this is some angles for finding a better solution.

Don’t accept disrespect from your champ: 

It’s a major problem of nowadays that little champ doesn’t respect the older person. Indian parents always worried about such things so never allow your little kid to be rude or say hurtful things to you or anyone else in the family. If a child does, tell them firmly that you will not allow any form of disrespect.

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Exam Result: How To Respond On Child Exam Result

Summer vacation is running great and fresh for children. children are far away from exam pressure. They just want to make this vacation memorable as much they can. This happiness is about to end because exam result is declared soon. Parents usually have no idea about how to respond to child exam result.

Exam result is just a number that never justified your child future. So in this particular post, we are going to suggest some way to respond when exam result declared. We strongly believe that marks are important but not everything.

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How To Respond On Your Child Exam Result:

Build Confidence before the Result:

Usually, children have a phobia of exam result because they want to be a topper. Many parents force their child to perform well on the exam so their son will top the class and their social status is became increase. So let educate your child about exam result and tell them about the value of marks. Please don’t expect any rank or percentage from your child. it’s may ruin their childhood. Read another article to know How to improve confidence in your child.

Never Compare with Other Children:

Indian parents compare their child with other children. when result declared parents start comparing marks with other children and that’s hurt badly. Children are going in the depression just because they feel that they are looser. Parents kept comparing in India, it’s very normal but it’s may ruin the childhood.

Educate Your Child About Marks Value:

Usually, Indian parents are very careful about child future and that’s why they keep saying their child that if they don’t perform well in the exam then they are looser. Educate your child about a lot of other things apart from marks. Tell your child that somehow exam result is not good then don’t worry.

So that’s it hope you like it. Keep build confidence in your child because life is not a race it is journey and exam are just a milestone. Don’t forget to Like, Comment, and Share this post. Keep shopping with Giftoo.


Child anger, How to control it, positive parenting

How To Control Child Anger In Hindi

Children are lovable, cute, always happy that’s why we love them. In the other hand if your children are not behaving well and show anger everytime than nobody wants to care. Child anger is bad for children as well as their parents.

In this particular article, we are going to suggest some advice to control child anger in Hindi.  Read this article to Learn How To Understand Child Behavior.

Tips To Control Child Anger In Hindi-

आजकल बच्चो में अकेलेपन की वजह से गुस्से का स्तर बढ़ता जा रहा हे | एकल परिवार और टेक्नोलॉजी के बढ़ते प्रयोग से बच्चे दिन-ब-दिन जिद्दी होते जा रहे हे | माता-पिता अपने बच्चो के गुस्से को कम करने के लिए बहुत सारे उपाय करते हे फिर भी उन्हें वांछित परिणाम नहीं मिलता हे | इसी परेशानी को कम करने के लिए हम इस पोस्ट के जरिए कुछ आसान तरीको को आपके साथ साझा कर रहे हे, यक़ीनन ये तरीके आप के बच्चो के बढ़ते गुस्से को कम करने के लिए कारगर हो सकते हे |

बच्चो के साथ यादगार समय बिताए:

अक्सर बच्चो के जिद्दीपन के पीछे उनका पारिवारिक माहोल जिम्मेदार होता हे | भाग दोड भरी जिंदगी के चलते माता-पिता अपने बच्चो के साथ समय नहीं बिता पाते ओर बच्चे अकेलेपन का शिकार हो जाते हे | विशेषज्ञों के अनुसार अच्छे पालन पोषण के लिए बच्चो के साथ वक्त बिताना ज़रूरी हे | कोशिश करे की बच्चो के साथ दिन भर में से कुछ वक्त बिताया जाए |

बच्चो को सिखाने से अच्छा यह हे की, उन्हें कर के बताया जाए:

बच्चो के लिए माँ-बाप ही आदर्श होते हे ओर छोटे बच्चे माता-पिता को देखकर ही सबकुछ सीखते हैं और बच्चो के व्यक्तित्व के जिम्मेदार माता-पिता ही होते हैं | इसीलिए बच्चो को सिखाने से अच्छा हे की उनके सामने अच्छा व्यवहार करके उनको उदाहरण दिया जाए | अगर हम अपने गुस्से पर काबू पा लेंगे तो यक़ीनन बच्चे भी संयम का महत्व समझ जाएंगे |

बच्चो के साथ मारपीट ही उपाय नहीं हे, उनके साथ संवाद करे:

बेहतर भविष्य के लिए माता-पिता अपने बच्चो के प्रति सख्त व्यवहार करते हैं कई मायनों में ऐसा करना जरुरी भी होता हे पर कुछ माता पिता बेहतर परवरिश की उम्मीद में बच्चो को पीटना शुरू कर देते हैं | बच्चो पर हाथ उठाने से उनके मन में डर पैदा हो जाता हे ओर वे खुलकर अपनी बात कहने से भी डरते हैं | इसी वजह से बच्चे जिद्दी बन जाते हे इसीलिए कोशिश करे की बच्चो को हर बार शालीनता से सिखाया जाए और उनके साथ वक्त बिताया जाएँ|

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