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Top 8 Reasons to Shop at the Giftoo !!

“Hey Are you a party lover?” Do you love making your kid’s birthday, the extraordinary one”. Looking for the best return gifts?? Wanna make every guest feel overwhelmed by your bash??
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Parents are the soul mate of their kids. They put their finest efforts for making their kids feel on cloud nine. Planning something unique with exclusive gifts and party supplies for every festival will make the moments rememberable.

  1. A guaranteed surprise: *We believe in gifting happiness. A gift is not just given to someone on Christmas or a birthday, but it’s given for any special occasion when someone does something special, On every Birthday Return Gifts order with you get a Guaranteed free surprise Gift, whatever is the size of order… “Yes…It’s Guaranteed… ”
  2. Book a SMILE:  There is no peace greater in the world than bringing joy to the ones who never expect, Out there in the world there are many Babies, toddlers, teenagers who for whatever reason are alone in this world, has no one to bring them a Smile, with every order you book on Giftoo, you also book a smile for Orphan-Kids, The small contribution goes to NGO who helps poor children to Feed, Study and Grow… “Book a Smile…for the ones who don’t expect”
  3. Partial return facility *: It is really tuff to estimate for a Birthday Party as u never know what amount to be ordered, at Giftoo We have the perfect policy of “PARTIAL RETURN”. The remarkable advantage of this policy is, Once your Kids party got over, and if after gifting, some gifts are remaining with you, you can send back those extra gifts to us. The related amount will be refunded. “It’s a true Return-Policy”
  4. Get it on time: In this busy world the one this mw lack today is time, the frequent moving world today wants everything on time. Thus all order placed on are shipped on the same day, So you can plan the Birthday party accordingly and get the order on time….. The attractive offer is, you don’t even have to pay shipping charges if your order exceeds RS 499.
  5. 24*7 Online Support *We are with you round the clock!! It feels great when someone is always available for you, The “24*7 available for you” lines are best to hear. You can ask us any Inquiry, Product information, Order Update info through WhatsApp (9322990002) or Live Chat Support Available on Also You can Reach us via Clicking on Contact us button given on Store, So no need to open your Inbox. Clear your doubts by simply chatting with us.
  6. It is Most reasonable: It is way far tuff to get something in your pockets budget as well that is Delighting, At Giftoo Birhthday Return-Gifts start from Rs.10/-, thus we say Giftoo is the cheapest Return-Gift Online store now who provides Return-Gifts starting from Rs.10/-,  Not only the cheapest but also the Premium quality…
  7. Get an Idea: Giving gifts is one of the best way to show your friends that you care, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect one , whether it’s a birthday party, baby shower, or wedding, Here you can also get new gift ideas from Giftoo , and can also check what is trending, and pick out the right product for you…“Don’t get confuse, while choosing the best gifts. Just visit, you will get ideas about the most trendy and suitable gift for you.
  8. Varied payment options: Tuff when you need to pay for online shopping, as a very less options and inconvenience, With the easiest modes of making payments. We have maximum number of payment options.

We accept

  • 6 Credit Cards
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  • 98+ Debit-Cards
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  • 16 Prepaid Instruments
  • 11 Bank EMI… EMI facility in terms of 3, 6, 12 Months
  • Also COD available if not able to place a prepaid order
  • You can also transfer Money-deposit to our Bank-account directly….

Its always great to get options, and this much are awesome… We at offer highest standards of security to ensure that our customers shopping experience is safe and secure. Thus all Net Banking, Debit/Credit card transactions are processed using a secure encrypted connection to keep transactional details confidential.

Shop the unique gifts and mind-blowing party supplies that will make your ceremony or celebration an unforgettable one. Your satisfaction and happiness is our priority. 🙂

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Parents Job: Some Important Hidden Duties for Parents

We all agreed on one thing that being a parent in busy life definitely one of the toughest job.  It is a contradiction that only caring or educating a child means parenthood. Obviously, Care and education of children is necessary in parents job but it’s not all about of parenting. Although in the parenting, we have to be a friend, teacher and same time a guardian. So in this particular post we are going to light up some other duty in parenting.

Parents Job Is Not Easy, We Need To Perform Another Duties:

In India, parenting is so much depending upon ladies( Indian mother). So for better spell out facts about children just check out Must Read Article For Every Indian Mother.

Fairy tale Parents Job:

Mother educate child, telling story,parents job

This is very important job in parenting and most of parents are not interested in it. Telling a story to your child is a best way to fed up value in children. Kid dream up the whole story and learn from it. Also story telling is a key process to making strong bonding between parent and children. So it is your duty to summarize a beautiful story to your champ on night.

Friendship Parents Job:

parents job, important duties for parents

Many parents are very strict and less talkative to their children. Sometime it is good to strict but every time your rude nature may ruin your child imagination & creativity. In this manner parent have to be a friend of their child and it is very helpful in positive parenting. Being a Friend to your champ doesn’t mean that you have to spend all day with children. Friendship simply means that you have to play stuff, game and spent quality time with your children.

Teaching Parents Job:

kid Painting with parents, parents job

Children’s are very curious and they kept questioning until they are not satisfy. It’s not always a school teacher job to give an answer to your child. We are also used to with many things around us. Teaching job is hidden and must for every parent. So as a responsible parent we have to spell out world and give a proper answer in easy way to our champ.

Guide or Traveler Parents Job:

Improve Children body language, parents job

Every age of person like to travel new places but when it’s about children believe us they just love to travel.  Children love to travel and roaming around adventures place. They wanted to discover all things around them. So make a plan to trip at least once in a month. Handle your traveler job by educate your champ to trip and new places.

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One Stop Store for All Types of Return Gifts..!!

giftoo-in-return-gifts-ideas-combo“IN A MERRYMAKING MOOD…..WITH STAIN ON FOREHEAD….JUST BECAUSE OF ARRANGEMENTS” doesn’t seem good!! “STOP WORRYING”– a speculative online destination to shop, is now here, for you and your kids gladness!!, an online mesmeric gift shop, has been giving its dedicated service since 2015., is with the main aim of making your celebration a marvelous one, making you feel satisfied and making your li’l star feel like prince or princess!! Giftoo will definitely prove to b the option to shop with. deals with the most adorable, trendy, latest, sturdy, inexpensive range of products. We assist you in making your #kid’s birthday bash “The first class bash” by offering a wide variety of party supplies, party decorative,return gifts. For special festival like #engagement_wedding_ceremony #house_inauguration #special_pooja #religious_festival_Diwali_Holi_Rakshabandhan #karwa_chowth has numerous range of affordable gifts and return gifts.

Reading Habit: Benefit That Improve Reading Ability in your Child

Every parent has some problem regarding their child reading ability. They want to give attention to their child’s future but it couldn’t easy for every parents.  New generation of kid is smarter and always busy with gadget. Gadgets like smart phone are useful for children but somewhere every parent concordant on a point that too much time on smart phone and T.V. may ruined your child’s mental development.

So in this particular article we are going to reveal some benefit which can be fed up your child future with cream of happiness.  Our aim to encouraging you & your child for read as much you can with tends of ideas.

Important Benefit of Reading Habit-

  1. Exercises our brain with reading:

Improve Reading habit

Reading is not implies for forcing your child to finish their syllabus but it means to read anything which can improve brain strength.  Reading a useful book may better modus to exercising with our brain.

  1. Improves attentiveness or focus:

Reading improves concentration with lack of training. Focusing ability can make your child better in term of exam. It is also a better way to calm our mind. It improves life lesson of every children.

  1. Children can easily learn about nature and world :

childrens Reading habit, topper, Exam hack, Good marks

We cannot able to educate everything to our child. Reading teaches better communication skill with the help of better reading habit child may automatically learn about world around them.

  1. Children gain good grade in school:

Reading improves a child’s vocabulary and it may help child to score good marks in exam.  It also helps to improve communication skill with better use of language.

  1. Improves child’s imagination:

Childrens Reading habit, topper, good marks, child exam

Imagination and childhood is the best friend. Reading helps child to sharper their power of imagination and also conveys imagination in right way. Learn how to Improve Confidence which help in creativity.

  1. Reading is a great way of entertainment :

Teach your children that every time gadgets are not responsible for entertain us. Sometime reading a book may give better entertainment. It also help in term of relax our body. Must read if your child also addicted to T.V.

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Improve Your Child’s Confidence By These Useful Advices

Many children are shy in nature so they are less talkative. Parents are worried about how to develop self confidence. Normally children’s low  self esteem and weak public appearance make parents worried. It’s our duty to figure out the setback in child’s life and build a proper self confidence. Low confidence may ruin their career in future so it’s a right time to concrete a strong personality of our children.

Improve Confidence of child by these Useful Tips-

Being taciturn or less talkative doesn’t mean that your child is suffering from low confidence. Many times introvert type people also like to talk less. First we have to spell out our child’s nature either extrovert or introvert. If you find your champ is introvert and good listener than don’t take too much worry about self esteem level of your child.

In this particular article we are going to reveal some trick to build a confidence and it also helps your child in public appearance. Check out Useful Tips for Improve Skill in your child.

Eye Contact:

Improve eye contact in child

Train your child to optimize everyone eyes color and its ok if they are stare. Educate your children to look into eyes while talking to a person. It is perfect way to increase confidence. Eye contact is the key feature to improve confidence.

Body Language:

Improve Children body language

Body language is a major definition of improving confidence. Train your champ for how to sit or talk in public gathering or make an impression with best behavior. Perfect body language shows your confidence level. We need to educate our child in terms of body language and personality improvement.

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What is the Best Wedding ceremony Return gifts for Ladies Guest..?

Indian weddings now a days becoming more lavish and grand than ever. The pre-wedding functions are also getting bigger by the day and are celebrated with great pomp and show. Family members of the bride and the groom leave no effort to make it a perfect wedding, whereas gifting is one of the inevitable and important part of Indian weddings, return gifts today to the attendees are token of love for attending the function.

Nowadays, it is very common at pre-wedding functions, such as the Sangeet ceremony, Mehendi ceremony, to give out gifts to guests, and make the event a fun and memorable one for them also. So, if you too are thinking about what to gift your guests on the colorful occasion, here are some interesting gifting ideas for you. When it is a Sangeet or Mehendi Ceremony the guests are the Ladies, So why not planning and keeping one that is the perfect one for them

Here I bring out to you some awesome idea to give a delighting smile to the pretty lips at your Ceremony. There is no better gift than kitchen articles when it comes to gifting a lady. Kitchen Gifts are the best idea to it as it is the most useful to the one it is for that are the pretty ladies to your ceremony, apart from being useful it is also something that is longtime memorable, always remembered whenever used.

You can chose across the wide range of kitchen articles available now-a-days which can be given as gifts to the attendees that are durable and even fits your budget, picking one in this wide-wide range is really awesome, From Choppers to Cutter which make cooking more easy and creative, Vegetable slicer to Cheese greater that makes cooking a easier task, things like Onion chopper and Gas lighter are been used everyday

Here You can Browse Some more kitchen Stuff than can be a Perfect Return gifts for Ladies Guest..


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Top Most Secrete Tips For Your Child’s Future

Parents always concern about child’s future and make it safe. Anyone can make their child’s future good by improving skill in childhood. So in this post we are going to reveal some secrete tips for shine your child’s skill and make future safe.

These proven secrete Tips of life will helps in your child future:

Time Management

schedule time for watching Tv

We all are concordant at one point that if a person can manage time that success is very easy in life. Educate your children for don’t waste time in watching too much TV or other activities. Make a routine or schedule for important tasks including studies and play. For better habit of time management in your child you have to follow the routine and encourage your champ to do better than you.

Social or Communication Skills

secrete tips for child's future, improve skill

Better communication skill should increase your child’s confidence level in future. This is one of the basic life skills that should be taught right from the time your child is a toddler. Let your child learn how to play well with others because when he will grow up he will be able to handle teamwork successfully and interact with other more efficiently and impressively.

Money Management

kid Painting with parents

This is one of the basic secrete of life which is neglected by most of the parents. Most parents think that giving importance of money issue in front child will make a stressful scenario. Yes, it is right that child are too small to understand financial issue but if we can teach them about money that they should easily understand value of money in future.

Relationship Skills

Improve relationship skill in child

Encourage your child to choose friends with same interests and personalities so that they make good relationship bonding. Showing your kids having and maintaining good relationship skills is an easy way. Encourage your champ to play outdoor games instead of watching TV. Check out How to stop Child for watching too much Television.

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