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40+ Things to do With Kids in This Summer !

Thinking  of kid-friendly activities for summer , seriously you’ll going to love these ideas . These activities not only make your kids busy but will help them learn new skills and make them more active and confident .

Summers may be a time to relax, but what about kids who bounce here and there every time feeling bore . As parents , babysitters , and nannies , we want each summer to be more memorable than the next , if your child is too young to go to a summer camp , and with that need for new ideas generates .

So, take advantage of those bright sunny days and warm summer nights and plan something new daily or 3-4 times a week . Start  focussing on art and projects which improves skills of your kids .

Here are some very good ideas to keep kids from being bored and create memories that they’ll have for lifetime . And on the first day of school they have something to tell ” what they did this summer ? ”

  • Have a picnic at state park.
  • Kids love ice-cream and cookies , they’ll love making it with you .
  • Make a house out of cardboard boxes .
  • Plan a scavenger hunt, where kids need to find something that starts with every letter .
  • If u stay nearby beach , take your kids out there along with you and collect shells, build a sandcastle .
  • Cleaning up trash of your home could be fun when doing with your kids .
  • Have a backyard or terrace campfire .
  • Go for a walk and then make collage from nature objects that you will find along the way .
  • Have a water balloon fight .
  • Plan a day for swimming including water sports .
  • Plan a long drive with your kid .
  • Plan a day with close relatives or grandparents and arrange games that both can enjoy playing together .
  • Plan a art workshop at your place and invite nearby kids as well .
  • Practice making interesting shadow puppets with different characters .
  • Have a outdoor painting party using cardboard .
  • Plan a treasure hunt party and dress up in costumes .
  • Visit a museum nearby your place .
  • Visit a bird or wildlife sanctuary to learn about animals .
  • Strings beads into jewellery .
  • Make paper boats and race them in a kiddie pool .
  • Make your own sand art .
  • Have a tricycle race at the park .
  • Visit an amusement park or water park .
  • Collect rocks and paint them to use as paper weight .
  • Stage your own Summer Olympics with relays, races and hurdles .
  • Make crafts with recyclable items like stickers using old photos .
  • Make three dimensional buildings using ice – cream sticks , matchsticks, etc .
  • Paint canvas sneakers using fabric paint pens or acrylic paint .
  • Attend an outdoor festival or concert .
  • Plan a nearby town visit for the day .
  • Have a fancy tea party .
  • Let kids paint each other with washable tempera paint .
  • Have a game night with bingo, carom- board .
  • Make your kids to join dance class or music class or you can make them practice at home as well .
  • Plan a day out with kids to a mall or gaming zone .
  • Plan a ball game and make your kids learn how to keep a scorecard .
  • Set up a tent in the backyard to use it as a summer playhouse .
  • Make your kids join personality development workshops .
  • Make your kids practice colouring using different paints .
  • Take your kids out for shopping as well .
  • Plan daily evening walks in a nearby park .


So , mommies get ready  no need to worry about you and your kids boring summer vacations , as you will be going to rock in these summer vacations with these exciting ideas . Have fun ladies and remember don’t make your kids play outside in sun for much time . Drink more water and make cool drinks for you as well as your kids . Have healthy food .Enjoy Summer !!!

Happy Summer vacations ! What to do This Summer ?

The most awaited part of the school year, summer vacations, is here. With the heat rising higher every day, everyone wants to stay indoors and stay cool. With the schools closed for a month and a half, it becomes a long, long time for the children to pass and even longer for the parents. Mothers everywhere have the same worry, that of having the children home the whole day for the whole vacations.  Holiday homework is given by the schools so as to keep the kids busy during the vacation and make it a fruitful time for them. But kids, as fun-loving as they are, keep it until the very last moment to finish it.

The problem, here, arises of how to pass this time, and make it a fruitful vacation.  Well, not to worry, there are plenty of things that kids can do which would not only be fun, but would make them learn something or the other.


  • Swimming: A great way to beat the heat, swimming is not only fun but a great exercise too. Summer vacation is the best time to go for swimming or take up swimming lessons. The kids, being free, can conveniently opt for swimming classes during these days. In the process, they would learn something really important. And instead of spending the time lazily at home, they would readily go outside and indulge in a physical activity, which is necessary for their growth. Moreover, they would remain energetic and healthy because after all, swimming is the best exercise.


  • Baking: You can admit the kids into baking classes or just teach them at home about baking. This would interest them a lot because they would learn to make their favourite things, like cakes and cookies, by themselves. This way, they won’t demand for new things to eat every day. Instead, they would make it for themselves. This would help them become self-sufficient and they would learn to manage things on their own. And the best part? The whole family gets to eat yummy food and the kids learn something. Also, the mothers get some relief from daily demands and work.


  • Painting: What can be a better way to spend time than painting? Almost all of the kids love painting and playing with colours. This vacation, give them a new challenge, like trying a different style or medium of painting. They can try glass painting and paint their favourite mugs and glasses at home, or just paint their room’s window panes. Or, they could try charcoal pencils and crayons and create their own masterpieces. Not to forget marble painting, which is extremely fun as art is created by rolling painted marbles on a sheet of paper and creating new designs.

You could even assign a small portion or a wall for the children to paint according to their will and no one would be happier than them at this permission.


  • Informative and brain games: Indulge children in a        learning board game, like World Safari orScrabble, or any science games or games that would increase their general knowledge or analytical skills. The kids would not only have fun playing them, but these will also help increase their knowledge and skills. The kids would remain occupied in a good way and by playing with them, you could all spend quality time as a family, which is extremely important for the overall development of a child.


  • Essay writing: Writing efficiently is one of the most important skills that a child should be able to learn during his/her schooling years. Essay writing is a very efficient practice for enhancing the writing skills and during this vacation, the kids should focus on this activity too. To help make it interesting, you could give them topics that they find interesting, like :
    • their favourite TV shows
    • their favourite movies
    • visit to a place they liked
    • if for one day, the kids became parents and parents became children
    • list of their wishes and why they wish these things

You could also have siblings write essays together and give each other, topics of their choice. This way, it would be like a game and become interesting.


  • Room decoration: Kids would love this idea as they would be able to make their room just as they like. This sense of freedom is good for the child’s growth and development too. You could bring some decoration items like posters, paints, wallpapers, craft items, cork boards etc. Or just change the setting of the room for a refreshing, new change. Just give the child his/her liberty of choice, so that they can make the room as personal to themselves as they like. They would love doing it as it would be completely related to them and their choice. They could even make things like wind chime, dream catcher or just a flower pot and decorate their room.


  • Travel: Summer vacation is the best time of the year for another reason: you get to travel. Be it to a hill station to escape the heat or a trip to nani’s place, a vacation without travel seems incomplete. It rejuvenates the mind and also, is great fun. Moreover, a new place stores new things to learn. Also, you could teach children things like how to pack their own bags etc.


  • Summer camp: Summer camps provide great activities to do during summers. These could include different classes for personality development and skill development. Moreover, in such camps children get to meet new people and make friends with. A child becomes independent doing things on his/her own and hence, grows in the process.


Summer is a great time to work on oneself and have fun in the process. Hence, this time to be  ideally utilized.

What is right choice- Should women work after marriage or sit at home ?

As a matter of first importance there ought to be an attitude change among the young men and young ladies of the present era!

To start with everyone ought to comprehend being a homemaker is not an eminence issue. Individuals ought to begin regarding individuals for what they are and quit regarding ladies just on the off chance that they work and procure cash. Alright now, first we should comprehend why each young lady is working before talking about sick impacts.

There are ladies who work to bolster their family, one arrangement of lady work to keep themselves possessed, another arrangement of ladies who think working gives them a character and they work since they are vocation situated. We should first comprehend to which class the young lady has a place as well.

What are the reasons a lady may need to abandon her employment?

1)Not permitted after marriage

2) change of city after marriage and no open door in the new place

3) Husband procures enough and henceforth individuals feel the spouse needn’t gain and can deal with the family

4) labor and dealing with the kid

Sick impacts

The young ladies who were attempting to bolster their families won’t be capable to,post marriage. Young ladies who felt profession was just critical will feel they have lost their character.

Presently coming to individuals who say the young lady loses the budgetary opportunity, would anyone be able to let me know whether truly the young ladies who are acquiring admirably truly have full money related flexibility post marriage ?

Their pay is arranged by the spouse how to be spent and there are houses where wives need to demonstrate her record of spending where the husband is not asked to. Also, in the houses where the lady utilizes her full budgetary flexibility, there is not really modest bunch where there is a decent relationship betwen a couple without battles because of full money related opportunity! Despite the fact that many may guarantee its all changed, greater part of ladies fall into the previously mentioned freedomless class.


Home creators are looked downward on in light of the fact that its exclusive the ladies who have made such an idea since they feel embarrassed to be one. Idea of family is no more. Idea of connections have changed. Individuals dont appear to comprehend the commitment from the spouse in a relationship neednt be constantly money related.

Appreciate motherhood,create a decent arrangement of cutting edge with appropriate disposition! On the off chance that you are excessively vocation arranged, marriage may not be for you else pick a reasonable accomplice. On the off chance that you need to work to bolster family, be solid and wed just if the other individual concurs. At long last if spouse feels his significant other neednt work, be glad sit make the most of his income!

But there is another side if this issue too explained here.

They say relational unions are made in paradise — well this can barely be questioned, considering the terrific size of weddings. However, what occurs next? Similarity, it turns out, isn’t something that comes as a major aspect of the ‘made in paradise’ bundle. You have to work towards it.

What’s more, this is no conventional word. Similarity can mean anything from understanding each other (by and by and professionally), regarding each other for who he/she is, to ‘changing’.

Altering — that is the catchphrase here. Furthermore, in a marriage, this word as a rule evokes pictures of a lady surrendering her fantasies and goals. Keep in mind the time, when ladies would need to work post marriage, however the husband and the family would subdue the demand with ‘ladies don’t work after marriage, they have to deal with home’ discourse?

Presently, the correct inverse is going on. Ladies now need to surrender their professions, and sit at home to appreciate a laid-back life and ‘give more opportunity to their marriage’. What’s more, this thought has the spouses breaking into a sweat. It has turned out to be such an issue, to the point that some youthful couples are even nearly isolating, in light of the fact that the spouse, (who the husband thought was goal-oriented), needs to quit working after marriage.

“This colleague of mine from building got set in a decent organization, and a year ago, she got married. Not needing a straightforward sanctuary wedding, she took a tremendous credit for the marriage costs. What’s more, post the wedding, she needed to take a break. However, when she addressed her better half about surrendering her employment, he straight declined due to the advance weight. At last, she was compelled to work,” says a business person.

Financial issues (as the above case calls attention to), however a noteworthy part, appear to be an optional issue. The primary stress for the men however is — what will she do with constantly? ‘God! She beyond any doubt will swing to bothering’ — that is something one of the to-be spouses let us know, when his fiancee reported her desire to leave her place of employment post getting married with him.


“It might sound interesting, however it’s definitely not! I am fearing what she will be up to with all the time on the planet. Alright, I know the cash I win will be exploded. Regardless of the possibility that I attempt to be cool about it, this is not going to help our relationship. What would I be able to expect when I return home after work? Alright no. It wouldn’t be about my desires — rather, it will be about her desires from me when I return home after work. She will have had all an opportunity to arrange her desires from me for the duration of the day. That is not something I would need my marriage to turn into. I think it ought to be of equivalents and about equivalents. At exactly that point can there be appropriate comprehension,” he says, asking for namelessness.

Advisor specialist Dr, who works in conjugal treatment, affirms that this pattern of ladies stopping employments after wedlock is on the ascent and is disquieting spouses. “Around five to six youthful couples come to me consistently with this issue, and they say it’s ‘destroying ruin in their conjugal life’. I wouldn’t concur with the fiscal piece of the issue (spouses needing wives to work to bring some cash home), however I do concur that husbands have an issue with this pattern since that leaves the wives with an excess of time and thusly, their desire from the relationship/marriage builds complex — something men can’t deal with effectively,” the specialist says.

“I had a young couple visit me as of late with a similar issue. The two had met at their work environment and begun to look all starry eyed at. The spouse disclosed to me that the young lady’s advantage, in her profession as well as in his was what attracted him to her. They got hitched, and after that, the hatchet fell. The young lady quit her occupation, saying she needed to give more opportunity to the marriage and him. The spouse discovered this hard to deal with and revealed to me he never envisioned her as a “tamed” lady! He said he had discovered her aspiring and henceforth, perfect. Be that as it may, post marriage, everything about her changed. She turned clingy and expected a considerable measure of his time once he returned from work,” Dr shares.

working after marrige

The case took a revolting turn when the couple chosen to independent, since the spouse started to feel that her significant other had “no time” for her. The spouse, thusly, thought “she had turned excessively trained” for his loving.

“That is the point at which they came to me. I directed them and clarified that they’re two distinct people, who need to figure out how to regard each other’s needs. Gratefully, they accommodated. When all is said in done, I think men get a kick out of the chance to have their own space, have a schedule, a structure. Furthermore, they anticipate that their accomplices will have the same, so there is common understanding and in addition individual space,” she closes.

So i better advice to go through the effects and ill effects before taking this decision which turns out to be life changing one and decision should have positive effect for both for healthy relationship.

Is drinking soft drinks making your kid violent??

Can soda truly make high schoolers fierce? As another review focuses to a connection between high soda utilization and forceful conduct, Ordinary Wellbeing’s therapeutic specialist looks at the perils of soda — and how to enable children to decrease.

Pits, weight pick up … what’s more, brutality? Soda may have a stunning new symptom for children, as indicated by another review distributed online today in the diary Damage Anticipation.

At the point when scientists overviewed the propensities for 1,878 Boston-zone secondary school understudies, they found that the individuals who drank at least five fizzy non-abstain from food soft drinks seven days will probably be vicious toward family and companions, to convey a firearm or cut, and to drink liquor and smoke cigarettes than high schoolers who drank soda less frequently.

Albeit a great many people would concur that soda isn’t precisely solid — for children or grown-ups, so far as that is concerned — this news might be disturbing to guardians worried about this astounding impact on children’s passionate wellbeing. Exactly how stressed would it be a good idea for you to be? Here, five things you ought to think about soda and your youngster’s wellbeing:

The sugary soda-hostility interface needs more research. The new review is something worth mulling over, as it were, however it’s as yet not clear that the soft drinks themselves really cause rough conduct in young people. Could there be fundamental social calculates a youngster’s life, for example, a low-pay family unit or absence of parental supervision, that urges him or her to drink a considerable measure of sugary soda and furthermore inclines him or her to hostility? More research should be done to coax that out. What this review does is add to the mounting proof that an eating regimen high in sugary soft drinks is destructive to youngsters — both physically and inwardly. Unmistakably, for an assortment of reasons, guardians need to find a way to constrain their youngsters’ utilization of soda.

Additional disturbing are soda’s consequences for youth heftiness and diabetes chance. Contemplates have demonstrated that standard utilization of sugary sodas can expand a youngster’s danger of stoutness, and soda has additionally been related with an expanded danger of diabetes further down the road. Dental specialists aren’t devotees of sodas in light of the sugar content, as well as on the grounds that sodas can contain corrosive, which can dissolve tooth polish and increment the danger of depressions. In grown-ups, sugary sodas are connected to these issues and that’s just the beginning — contemplates have demonstrated that customary soda utilize can prompt lost calcium in the pee and may debilitate bones after some time.

Soda isn’t the main sustenance or drink that may damage children’s psychological well-being. Soda isn’t the main potential reprobate in a child’s eating regimen. Contemplates have proposed that a general terrible eating routine — one that is high in prepared nourishments and ailing in natural products, vegetables, lean protein, and entire grains — can influence mind-set and increment the danger of tension. More reviews should be done, particularly in children, yet specialists trust that eating regimen assumes a critical part in both physical and psychological well-being.

Soda is alright once in a while — not each day. In a perfect world, soda ought not be a standard piece of any tyke’s eating regimen. Sugary sodas contain huge amounts of “discharge calories,” as well as many contain caffeine, which can influence children’s conduct and rest designs. One 12-ounce jar of soda contains 6 teaspoons of included sugar; for examination, the American Heart Affiliation prescribes grown-ups expend less than 6 to 9 teaspoons every day — and for children eating less general calories, that number is even lower. Obviously, it’s fine for a kid to have soft drinks as a treat now and again, however surely not every day. Indeed, even non-soda sugary drinks, for example, lemonade, natural product punch, and organic product juices ought to be constrained. In spite of what the bundling may need you to trust, natural product juice has minimal nutritious esteem and is another wellspring of refined sugar, so kids ought to have close to 4 to 8 ounces every day.

Kicking your child’s soda propensity begins at home. Rather than soda or juice, offer your kids water or low-fat or non-fat drain. As kids age, their calcium necessities go up, not down, so your young person ought to be drinking a lot of drain, as well. To enable your youngsters to curtail sugary drinks, don’t stock them at home. This will enable them to comprehend that sodas are for unique events, not a day by day treat. On the off chance that your high schooler as of now has a soda propensity set up, enable him or her to investigate without sugar choices like seltzer, or thought of an arrangement of little rewards to cause spur them to reduce.


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Top 20 Unique & Trending Return Gifts for Kids Below Rs.100/- in India.

Birthdays are full of Fun, many thing associated to just the word like Cake, Balloon, New Dress, Party, Cookies, Chocolates, Gifts, Party Snacks, Games and a lot more, but what is most exciting about birthdays is Gifts…!

When it comes to planning a Birthday party the list goes long and long, from venue to theme, from cake to snacks, from décor to games and then come a really important thing “Return-Gift”

These days Return Gift is a definite new trend, no birthday party is complete without a return gift to ensure a smile on little guests’ faces as they return home.

Its strenuous to decide the perfect Return Gift and It is way far tuff to get something in your pockets budget as well that is Delighting, choosing a correct gift is a big-big task, with a big-big question mark of what to choose and what not ?

To help you out with your problem this time I have  a list solution to you that will not only cut your problem off but also will give you a sigh of relief and here it goes

1. Magic Folding Water Cup/ Glass

This is a unique and amazing product. This magic glass is very tiny and small when collapsed and becomes a normal glass when expanded. Innovative designed Collapsible Water glass that provides more room for storage when not in use. It pops up when needed to give you a cup for water. It can be easily carried in your pocket or bag. Save space with this Collapsible Water Glass Set,Not only fun, but extremely practical, it is a must for the busy traveler, especially for kids!

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2. 5 In 1 Pencil Stationery Set With Case Pouch

This Gift Set is one of Power pack for students kids, This pack contain 5 items, Contains ( 1x ruler, 1x rubber, 2x Pencil, 1x pencil sharpener,1x small diary ) So this can be a perfect return gifts item , you can use in your child birthday party.

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3. Barrel Of Slime – Fun For All Kids

You can pick it up and yet your hands are still dry! It sticks together but isnt sticky! You can pull it apart and it rejoins seamlessly! Extremely tactile, great fun and endless potential! Fabulous `messy play` sensory resource. This has to be seen and touched to be believed. There`s nothing else like it! Kids love it – and why not, it’s safe and non-toxic. Pour it over your friends’ cell phone, keyboard, desk, or anywhere you imagine, to trick them! Please don’t eat it! A barrel containing oil slick type slime Probably the best slime you’ll ever experience Run it through your fingers, ooze it over objects Pour it from hand to hand Imagine a liquid that isn’t wet! Flows like liquid jelly but not sticky You can tear it apart but it will rejoin perfectly – just like the termi-nator. 🙂

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4. Car Stationery Gift Set

This is Very Nice and Cheapest Gift Ever, Totly Made in India, Contacin ( 1 Pencil, 1 Scale, 1 Rubber, 1 Car Set ) a perfect item for distribute in kids birthday party as a return gift and Party Favours.

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5. Soda Can Shaped Wet Wipes Random Design

cute Can shaped Mini Wet Tissue, Extremely unique product. 30 Barreled Wet Wipe Portable Travel essential Wet wipes. Cute and Beautiful and Decorative.
Mobile Wet wipes, Coke can shaped, print box. Extremely easy and convenient, you can keep it inside your pocket. 2017 NEW cute Cartoon Coke Bottle Canned Mini Wet Tissue, Extremely unique product. 30 Barreled Wet Wipe Portable Travel essential Wet wipes.
You can Hang in the bag for the decoration,You can take when you travel and so on. Portable and mobile for Home Car 30 Pcs Wet Wipes Mini Cartoon Cans Tissue Paper Towel Case Tin.
Portable 30 Pcs Cartoon Cans Mini Wet Wipes / Tissue Paper Case with tissue paper in it. Portable, convenient to carry and use. creativity design, Perfect for car or travelling use and Gift.
Material: 100% rayon, non-weaving cloth.

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6. Portable Cosmetic Makeup / Stationery Pen Case /Storage Case

  • Conveniently carry your personal care items such as stationery, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, cosmetic, makeup, etc.
  • Sturdy quality zipper and double stitching throughout allow you to really load these up with carry handles.
  • Protect your items from moisture or sand, or separate
  • Package Includes: 1 Piece Pouch in Random Design

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7. Creative Kettle Bottle For Travel And Office Use (350 ml)

Creative Kettle Bottle Is Ideal For Travelling, The Office Or Coupled With College Books.Easy To Handle And Clean, Can Be Used As Frosted Fruit Bottles.
Durable And Freezer Proof And Heat Resistant (Do Not Use With Very Hot Drinks)

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8.Printes Luggage & Bag Tag – 1Pc

 The luggage tag is made of soft pvc and available in attractive funky colors, that makes your baggage immediately identifiable on the travel carousel, among other similar bags. It also helps to ensure that you picking your own bag and not anyone elses On the other side of the tags is where you’ll find a place to personalize your tags! Helps protect against lost or stolen luggage – One less thing to worry about when traveling! Adjustable strap will fit any size luggage or personal item handle.

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9. New Arrival Cute Hand Spinner Gel Pens Stationery Birthday Return Gift.

  • Stylish Colorful Kid’s favorite Hand Spinner Gel Pen
  • The Best For Return Gift In Kids Birthday Party
  • Uniform Flow of Gel Inks Writes Without Any Gaps and Smudges.
  • Pens are Easy to Grip with little hands Great as small gifts for kids.
  • Note : Colour & Design may vary as per the stock availability

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10. Notebook Water Bottle For School, Travel And Office

Its assorted colors is a perfect combination of utility and style. Can hold liquids upto Max temperature 50 C, (120F).Its convenient handle makes it Easy to handle and clean, Wash with warm water and don’t wash in the dishwasher. Not suitable for carbonated liquids. Can be used as Frosted Fruit bottles. A Special gift for your friends, kids or loved ones. Great space saving design sports bottle for every use. Ideal for travelling / Office, School, Colleges, Outdoor Activities, Sports, Hip Flask, water bottle, flasks, Fruit / vegetable Juice Bottle, sipper water bottle. It gives users a convenient object that fits neatly into any carrying case, just like a book or a computer. Durable and Freezer proof and heat resistant (Do not use with very hot drinks). College going students can handle this as college books. This has a beautiful neat handle to carry this water bottle. Adds to your style ( style Statement ).

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11. Cute Rabbit Style Goggles / Sunglasses

Made from high quality plastic. These combo of party eye glasses are cool and trendy. Also this is the good thing to gift. These will be the highlight for kids party wear and an perfect fashion wear for them.

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12. Burger Shaped Round Lunch Box

This is Real Burger Style Lunch Box, a Best amzing gift for Kids, as Kids love Burgers , They will Love it..

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13. Combo Gifts With Bag – Super Saver

Super Saver Pack – 1 Whistle, 1 Pencil + 1 Teddy Style Sharpner & Eraser 1 Teddy Foldable Sunglass With Plastic Gift Bag. Suitable for Both Girls & Boys.

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14. Colorful Wooden Photo Frame For Kids Bedroom Hall

Wooden Photo Frame For Kids birthday return gifts. It’s printed with vibrant colors and design, one can easily insert the photograph of their choice at it’s back slot, with the help of wooden stick provided it can be placed on an even and flat surface like bed corners, side tables, study tables or any other platform. Embosses Print 3D Design Light Wood Cellophane packing Hang it on a wall. Wooden stand Available in Multi-design

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15. Kids 7 In One Fun Board Games

Give Your Kids Your Childhood, With these 7 in One Games (Ludo Snakes & Ladder Car Race)

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16.Kids Nail Art Sets For Girls Aging 4-10 yrs Birthday Gift Return Gift

Let your little princess enjoy her own Salon, nail art parlor set is among the best from the house of the manufacturers, exclusively for the girls. This complete nail art design kit includes three different shades of nail colors, a tray that has all the manicure essentials, nail separator, swabs, a glue tube for the artificial nail set and multiple nail stickers. The designs for nails are extremely funky and in line with the best color choices that little girls would love to enjoy. Learn, Engage and Bring Colors to Life We brings some of the best nail art products for kids with the clear intention of offering them easy ways to have fun and learn at the same time, no matter where they are.

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17. Doms Neon Pencils Set Of 10 With Sharpner Pack

This Product is From Doms, a well Know Brand in India, Neon rubber tipped graphite pencils High quality graphite for dark and neat writing which stays longer Accurate bonding process Softened and well treated wood

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18. Wooden Funky Nature Designs Pen, Pencil & Stationery Stand

Organize your desk and your life with this Wooden Pen Holder Elegant bright colors harmony design, made with quality wooden, excellent painted and craftsmanship. Art Pencil Holder This Wooden Pencil Holder is durable, hygienic and easy to clean. This wooden pen holder is the perfect item for personal use or return gift Animal Face design shaped pen holder is kids’ constant friend Cute cartoon earthworm always on hand to be a companion with kids This wooden pen holder will make a great party favor for your special little one’s birthday party.

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19. Ice Cream Funny Punch Party Gag Toy

A brilliant toy that brings maximum of happiness, these toy cone shooters comes in adorable assorted colors, measures 5 inches with cone and foam ball on top, safe and lightweight. These toy cone shooters are perfect party favors for your loved ones, can also be used as a decoration, a great goody bag fillers, treats, gifts, perfect during easter, Christmas, get together and especially Halloween, trick your family and friends with these cone shooter. The cone shooter is made of plastic cone and foam ball with string attached to keep the ball in reach always. Good for kids and adults, and also keeps kids busy playing for a long period of time.

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20. Magic Drawing Magnetic Slate Board Doodle Elephant Shaped For Kids

Magic magnet doodle size is good for travel, which is keep little one busy on a trip last minute. It is a toddler drawing board lets your children to express their creative side. It can exercise your baby’s hand-eye coordination. Includes a large drawing screen and a easy slider eraser. The Magnetic pen has its storage slot so it will not easily lost. It’s the best partner with your child; it can stimulate a kid’s thinking ability and imagination space, make the children grow up happy in learning.

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From helpless newborn to active toddler, It takes just 12 short months for acquiring motor, communication and social skills. Baby’s grow and change wonderfully, every month brings new changes, giving way to exciting development of baby.

New moms and dads are often worried about their baby’s development, as is going on in right way or not. Focussing too much on development milestones, it is important for parents to remember that every child progress at their own pace.

Some baby reaches one milestone sooner and other milestone later, as the baby is busy in perfecting the other skill. Some babies start walking before completing one year other may start walking between 12 months to 18 months .

So, parents don’t be too stressed keeping these variations in mind, let’s just see what all developments your baby goes through in their first year.


Baby Development: Newborn to Three Months

During first phase of development, baby’s body and mind are learning  to live in the outside world. Let’s just see what all changes baby go through in this phase:

  • Start blinking eyes
  • Start bonding with mom’s voice
  • Hearing gets fully developed
  • Black and white patterns draw more attention
  • Turns and lifts head while lying on stomach
  • Responses to rolling, singing, etc
  • Starts smiling
  • Tracks parents with eyes
  • Makes first sound
  • Grip objects in hand


Baby Development: Four to Six months

  • Improvement in hand and eye co-ordination
  • Holds head and can do mini push ups
  • Roll over from front to back and back to front
  • Babble, making sounds that can sound like real language
  • Recognize cause and effect, i.e. smile in return of smile
  • Self calms by sucking hands
  • Reach out for and grab objects or toys
  • Sit up with support and have great head control
  • Can start showing tantrums
  • Follows moving object with eyes
  • May start teething


Baby Development:-Seven to Nine Months

  • Starts to crawl
  • Sit without support
  • Clap and play games
  • Stands with assistance
  • Immitates sound
  • May hold own bottle to feed
  • Reacts to strangers
  • Responds to familiar words
  • Points with index finger
  • Can deliberately drop toys
  • Starts semi-solid food
  • Transfer objects hand to hand
  • Picks objects with thumb and side of forefinger

Baby Development: Ten to Twelve Months

  • Starts to move around the room while holding furniture
  • Starts drinking from cup
  • Shows seperation anxiety from parents
  • Respond to request such as wave bye-bye
  • Finds hidden toys in the blanket
  • Baby points at objects in order to grab attention
  • Says “MAMA” and “DADA” and understands “NO”
  • Begin “pretend play” by coping you, such as pretending to talk on phone
  • Attempts to feed self through spoon in a very messy way

Stuff parents needed for proper babycare !

What items, supplies, and rigging do you have to get your child securely and joyfully from his initially to his second birthday celebration? We know, obviously, that you need to give him the world – and your adoration and tolerance can get him halfway there. Be that as it may, there are a couple of different nuts and bolts you’ll need to give also.

Toddler clothes:

Your child is both less demanding and harder to dress at this stage. Less demanding on the grounds that he may raise his arms for you when you pull off his shirt; harder in light of the fact that he’s regularly squirming when you do it. So search for agreeable, baggy garments that are anything but difficult to get on and off. Maintain a strategic distance from garments you need to catch – catches require time and tolerance – and search for rapid snaps and zippers.

Since your child is creeping, strolling, and investigating, solidness is imperative. You require garments that hold up well to rehashed wrecks and washings. Which conveys us to another point: Get machine-launderable garments. Trust it or not, there are infant garments that require cleaning. You needn’t bother with them.

Another tip: Confine yourself to a couple of essential hues for your child’s closet and you’ll have a simpler time assembling coordinating outfits.

The quantity of infant blessings you’re getting has most likely streamed off at this point, so you’re likely vigilant for deals.

Here are a few nuts and bolts to have close by:

Shirts: Search for cotton Shirts and turtlenecks with snaps at the neck that will slip effectively over your child’s head. Undershirts are a simple approach to include a layer of warmth.

Tights/pants: Isolates enable you to change one bit of grimy garments without putting on a radical new outfit. Search for versatile midsections, which are less demanding to pull over your toddler’s huge tummy.

Sweaters and sweatshirts: Numerous little children don’t care for pushing their head through a little neck opening – and will oppose doing as such. Purchase enormous and search for sweaters with free neck and armholes.

Warm coat: A wool coat with a hood is a comfortable and effective approach to wrap up your child. Layering enables you to rapidly direct your toddler’s temperature by including or evacuating a piece of clothing.

Caps: A wide overflowed sun cap for the mid year and a warm cap that covers the ears in the winter ought to do the trap.

Snowsuit and gloves: On the off chance that you live in a frosty atmosphere, obviously.

Swimwear: If your toddler’s going in the pool, you’ll require a swimming outfit and a swim diaper or waterproof diaper cover that counteracts spillage in the water. Here, i advice to give proper potty training before starting this fun activity for your kid because i personally do not feel hygienic for a kid to use diaper or related stuff ,though, waterproof, in water while swimming.

Sleepwear: Downy nightgown with feet are extraordinary in light of the fact that they’ll keep your toddler warm after he commences his bedding amid the night. Many guardians likewise like wearable covers – downy or cotton sacks that flash over your toddler’s sleepwear to keep him warm.

Your toddler will require “genuine shoes” – instead of booties or delicate soled shoes – once he begins Shoes and socks: strolling. On the off chance that you can, purchase shoes from a store that takes into account youthful children. They’ll be better ready to exhort you on size, support, and solace.

Diapers and toilet preparing :

You’re in all likelihood not finished with diapers. While a few children start potty preparing as ahead of schedule as year and a half, most still can’t seem to cross this scaffold. Eventually in the coming year your toddler will most likely exceed the evolving table, and you’ll see it less demanding to change him while he’s standing up or lying on the floor.

Potty seat: It’s great to have one of these close by so your child gets comfortable with it before he’s prepared to utilize it. (See indications of potty preparing preparation.) You have two sorts to look over: a detached, child-measure potty and a connection seat that sits on top of a standard can situate.

Stool: In the event that you pick a potty seat that fits on top of the normal potty situate, you’ll need a stage stool for your child to lay his feet on. In the long run, it will likewise enable him to achieve the sink to wash his hands subsequently.

Getting around (out of your home):

Stroller: At this age, your child is less inclined to require a full-include stroller that leans back for resting. Many guardians of toddlers change to lightweight, collapsible strollers that are anything but difficult to convey. Though in my case my stroller got wasted as my kid started walking a bit early than her age.

Mealtime :

Infant chair: On the off chance that you haven’t acquired an infant chair yet, you’ll presumably need to now. One with a separable plate makes for simple cleanup. Be that as it may, a few families skip detached baby chairs completely and select a seat that snares onto the counter or table, or one that appends to a general seat. This item is must for all.

Supporter situate: A few toddlers eat in their baby chair for a long time or more. Others take an early enthusiasm for joining the family at the table. At the point when your child is prepared for shared dinners, he’ll require a promoter seat, a plastic seat that fits into a full-estimate seat and conveys your toddler up to table level. For security’s purpose, pick one you can strap to the seat.

Plates: You may at present need a bowl with suction mugs to demoralize your child from tossing it to the floor. Later in the year, plastic plates with independent compartments will give you a chance to offer peas, noodles, and fruit purée – with no of them touching!

Sippy mugs: These accompanied a top and a gush for simple drinking, and don’t spill when they tip over. Be careful about glasses with appended straws since they’re a test to clean.

Spoons and forks: As your toddler increases fine engine control, he’ll be prepared to use his own particular toddler spoon and fork. These have thicker handles so they’re less demanding to get a handle on.

Dozing Bunk and sleeping pad: Your toddler’s logged a considerable measure of hours in his lodging, he’s still moved more to go before to a major bed. Children as a rule do the switch at around age 3. (Take in additional about the move from lodging to bed.) Ensure the den sleeping cushion is sufficiently low that he can’t move out all alone.

Bedding: You require several fitted sheets and a delicate cover to keep your toddler warm during the evening. Note: However free sheet material and plush toys are viewed as safe for your toddler to lay down with, it’s still suggested that you stay away from cushions until age 2 in light of the danger of suffocation.


You’ll have to reconsider your childproofing now that your toddler’s cruising or strolling. Take a stab at taking a gander at your home from a toddler’s point of view and you might be better ready to spot potential risks. Keep all meds, cleaning items, vitamins, cosmetics, and other potential toxins bolted up..


Auto situate: When your child achieves 22 pounds or something like that, he’s too enormous for some newborn child seats. You’ll have to purchase a convertible (baby toddler) seat and keep it raise confronting. Note: To protect your child, specialists – including the AAP – say to keep your child in a back confronting seat until age 2, or when your child surpasses the convertible seat’s back confronting tallness and weight prerequisites.

Wellbeing doors: On the off chance that you have stairs, put resources into security entryways for the top and base. Furthermore, continue utilizing them until your child can securely explore the means all alone. You can likewise utilize doors to close off different territories of your home that may show a threat to your child.

Pantry and drawer locks: Look over a few sorts – the most widely recognized is a hook you need to push before it will open. Bolt up all blades and cleaning supplies and each other risk you can envision in your kitchen and washroom.

potty situate locks: These attach on top of a shut can situate, and oblige you to press a catch or fix a hook to open them. Note: Children can suffocate in as meager as two crawls of water.

Outlet covers: Uncovered outlets are a fascination for the youthful and anxious, so keep them secured

Great & Uniqe Return Gift Ideas for the Birthday Party.

Our Little One’s Birthday on the block…..

Birthdays are beautiful milestones to celebrate LIFE. Children look forward to their Birthdays each year with tremendous zeal as they start the countdown months ahead of their birthday. Being the cynosure works as a huge confidence booster for kids making them feel extra special and above all create memories that last a lifetime. Parents are over the moon in seeing their kids happy and try to make this day extra-special. They invite their child’s best buddies and throw the best party ever with amazing food & games for their precious little one.
In today’s time Birthdays have become a big hullabaloo with a long to-do-list. A very exciting affair in finalizing the appropriate theme, the guest list, decor, balloons, caps,  food, games etc and most importantly the return gifts.  The highlight of any birthday party are these gifts – be it the birthday gifts or the return gifts. Just as the birthday kid gets excited with the gifts , their buddies too get super excited about the birthday-return-gifts.
 We all look out for gifts that are attractive, unique, useful and definitely within our budget!
A Return gift is a wonderful token of appreciation to thank your guests for gracing the occasion and it also serves as a memento of your Birthday Party, making the selection of an appropriate return gift an extremely important task.
But in reality this can get quite hectic and time consuming. And  we all think to put together our best in compiling a list of appropriate return gifts for your toddler’s birthday party.

Here is a list of some GREAT AND UNIQUE Return Gift Ideas for the party.


Few useful tips for your toddler’s party:-


  • It’s always good to have a few extra gifts as we it is always better to be prepared for more guests.
  • Ask other parents to stay on as handling too many kids can be quite the task.
  • A first-aid kit should be kept handy, in case of any accidents.
  • Serve the food/drink as soon as the guests arrive and clear it quickly right after they are done.
  • Have activity planned for the parents  too, as they might get bored while waiting the party to end.

We wish your little one a very Happy Birthday and hope our article helped you in planning for the big day.

How to Plan the Perfect Birthday Party For Your Child..?

Birthday is a great day of happiness for a child, the day for which a child waits for the whole year, the day which is his/her day, the day wh en everyone tries to make him/her special, birthday parties are a great boost to any child’s self-esteem. The day when they feel like a King/Queen. Birthday is the day full of fun, joy, cake , party, new dresses, chocolates, cookies, lots of gifts, and memories to cherish the whole year, Apart from these happiness to your child it is a great tuff job to plan a party for your special one, Here I bring you some ideas to make it out,

  1. DECIDE A THEME : Planning the theme first is the best idea because everything then is a simple way out, once the theme is decided then the party becomes easy to plan and execute, Deciding the theme is the foremost important thing in the party plan. You can go with any theme that your kid likes a cartoon character, a movie character, a color theme or anything that your child likes. Have All Types of Birthday Supplies by Themes Like Doraemon, Halloween, Happy Birthday, Hot Wheels, Incredibles, Jungle, Party Time, Pirate,Power Puff Girls, Power Rangers, Princess, Smile, Spiderman, Superman.Tom and Jerry, Tweety, Ultimate SpiderMan Premium, Under water, Republic Day, Christmas etc.
  2. GUEST LIST : Plan your guest list of whom to invite to the party, though your friends and family is important but make sure that the party is for your kid so the guest list should include all his friends, apart from his/her friend make sure the sibling is also comfortable .invite his/her friends too.
  1.  VENUE : Home, Garden, Party Hall or Restaurant. The party venue is the next most important thing to plan as everything then goes accordingly. Plan a venue according to your convenience and budget, the venue should be in your conveniences as well as the guests convenience.
  2.  INVITATION CARDS : Invitation cards today are a new trend now, you can also have invitation cards matching your theme, and remember the party is for kids and the cards should compliment it.
  3. PLAN THE DAY : Plan the whole day and your and everyone in the organizing committee, make a schedule so that everything goes in a planned manner, Plan it from morning to noon and noon to evening, the starting to the end of the party, Assign the work as who is to do what ?
  4. FOOD ; Food is a important part of any party, when it comes to a birthday-party Cake becomes the foremost, You can also order a cake that fits to your theme to the party remember that the party is for kids and the menu should contain things that kids like. Kids are choosy consider having more options for them in the menu, Keep it Yummy as well as Healthy.
  5. DECORATION : Atmosphere and Ambiance makes everything awesome . Once you’ve chosen a theme, use a little creativity to set the scene. Make it compliment your theme, Live cartoon characters are in trend now the walk all around the place and entertain kids and have fun with them.Party Supplies Available on , You Can Check there and Plan Accordingly.
  6. PLAN THE ACTIVITIES: parties are all about fun make your party a big hit with certain small activities for the guest. Kids love playing game and you can plan out certain things keeping in mind the age group of the guests. Kids showing their talent is the best way out let them have a chance to express-out, let them feel the fun and know that it is all for them.
  7. THE SHOPPING LIST:When all the things are planned out you will exactly get the idea about the shopping, now you can easily make a shopping list off what to buy and in what quantity, remembering your food , decor, venue and menu make a shopping list containing all the things you would need, Making the list shop the things according to the plan.
  8. PLAN THE GOODBYE : Making memories is the best part about the parties, plan a proper goodbye to your guest of the party, A new trend now is a Return-Gift, Bring smile to the little guests coming to your home by giving them a Return-Gift, That You can Buy From

Kids Birthday Party: Creative Ideas that will blow your Mind !

Kids wait whole year for their birthdays and the fun they are going to have in those birthday parties. Parents too want to have the best kids birthday party for their kids. But what is ‘best’?

You have to decide what your budget is first, then how many people are you going to invite. The venue, the arrangements and the theme of the party, all you have to decide before you throw a party.

So Here are some of the best party ideas for kids birthday party-

  1. Water Games- you can buy some water guns and leave it to the kids, they know how to use them. Kids love water games. You can have their parents join them too.
  2. Movie Party- Invite kids and their parents to a movie party. Rent a projector and Put on any funny animation, kid’s movie. This party could be a super hit.
  3. Fancy Dress Party- Fancy Dress Parties are the kids’ favorites. Just invite guest and tell them to dress as their favorite superhero, or favorite TV show character. Animation character or even a politician. These parties are always great to have.
  4. Music Theme Party- Musical parties are most common and budget friendly. Dancing on latest hits solo or in group. Playing musical games like musical chair or even Antakshari can be fun.
  5. Pirate or Treasure Hunter Themed Party- organizes a party for your kids with some challenging and interesting brain games. Hide treasure (Which is chocolate most of the time for the kids) and leave hints for them to trace it. Divide them equally in teams and lets them go berserk on the chocolates.
  6. Carnival Styled Party- organize a party with Latin music and costumes, with all the fun carnival games, like shooting the balloons, some aiming games with rings, Frisbees, booth games and all.

So that’s the creative idea for party for kid. Believe us your kid and their friend will enjoy a lot. Keep suggesting your idea and Like, Comment and Share this Post. Shop with!