40+ Things to do With Kids in This Summer !

Thinking  of kid-friendly activities for summer , seriously you’ll going to love these ideas . These activities not only make your kids busy but will help them learn new skills and make them more active and confident .

Summers may be a time to relax, but what about kids who bounce here and there every time feeling bore . As parents , babysitters , and nannies , we want each summer to be more memorable than the next , if your child is too young to go to a summer camp , and with that need for new ideas generates .

So, take advantage of those bright sunny days and warm summer nights and plan something new daily or 3-4 times a week . Start  focussing on art and projects which improves skills of your kids .

Here are some very good ideas to keep kids from being bored and create memories that they’ll have for lifetime . And on the first day of school they have something to tell ” what they did this summer ? ”

  • Have a picnic at state park.
  • Kids love ice-cream and cookies , they’ll love making it with you .
  • Make a house out of cardboard boxes .
  • Plan a scavenger hunt, where kids need to find something that starts with every letter .
  • If u stay nearby beach , take your kids out there along with you and collect shells, build a sandcastle .
  • Cleaning up trash of your home could be fun when doing with your kids .
  • Have a backyard or terrace campfire .
  • Go for a walk and then make collage from nature objects that you will find along the way .
  • Have a water balloon fight .
  • Plan a day for swimming including water sports .
  • Plan a long drive with your kid .
  • Plan a day with close relatives or grandparents and arrange games that both can enjoy playing together .
  • Plan a art workshop at your place and invite nearby kids as well .
  • Practice making interesting shadow puppets with different characters .
  • Have a outdoor painting party using cardboard .
  • Plan a treasure hunt party and dress up in costumes .
  • Visit a museum nearby your place .
  • Visit a bird or wildlife sanctuary to learn about animals .
  • Strings beads into jewellery .
  • Make paper boats and race them in a kiddie pool .
  • Make your own sand art .
  • Have a tricycle race at the park .
  • Visit an amusement park or water park .
  • Collect rocks and paint them to use as paper weight .
  • Stage your own Summer Olympics with relays, races and hurdles .
  • Make crafts with recyclable items like stickers using old photos .
  • Make three dimensional buildings using ice – cream sticks , matchsticks, etc .
  • Paint canvas sneakers using fabric paint pens or acrylic paint .
  • Attend an outdoor festival or concert .
  • Plan a nearby town visit for the day .
  • Have a fancy tea party .
  • Let kids paint each other with washable tempera paint .
  • Have a game night with bingo, carom- board .
  • Make your kids to join dance class or music class or you can make them practice at home as well .
  • Plan a day out with kids to a mall or gaming zone .
  • Plan a ball game and make your kids learn how to keep a scorecard .
  • Set up a tent in the backyard to use it as a summer playhouse .
  • Make your kids join personality development workshops .
  • Make your kids practice colouring using different paints .
  • Take your kids out for shopping as well .
  • Plan daily evening walks in a nearby park .


So , mommies get ready  no need to worry about you and your kids boring summer vacations , as you will be going to rock in these summer vacations with these exciting ideas . Have fun ladies and remember don’t make your kids play outside in sun for much time . Drink more water and make cool drinks for you as well as your kids . Have healthy food .Enjoy Summer !!!

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