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Everybody wants to be success, famous, and happiness. We can say other factor may be achieved but when clock goes on term like peace, joy, and happiness it would be difficult to engage. Only few people know about the key of happiness. Many of us are suffering from tension and depression. A small kid is a happiest person in your family. They are not suffering from failure or depression because they just live their life with joy.

Learn Life lesson from children for happiness in life:

So in this particular post we are going to reveal the secret behind overcome your failure and joy. Secrete is hidden in name. The word CHILD and its meaning describing all queries.


Curiosity of child by giftoo

First letter in child is “C” that mean curiosity. We all know one thing about children that they are very curious about everything. They never stop questioning to anybody until they satisfy with answer. Curiosity is a perfect medicine for minimize your failure. Curiosity is starting phase of creativity. So go ahead to questioning around your nature.


Happiness by child

Second letter of child implies for Happiness. Children are very flexible in term of celebrating every moment of life. They are never tried to live calculating life. They express what they feel and that’s why children have always smiles on their face. So keep a promised to yourself that you are going to enjoy every moment of life no matter its bad or good time. Keep smiling and fed up to other.

  • I – IDIOT

crazy kid by giftoo

Very important letter among all because many time we assumed that being idiot is not suitable for mature. Children are never think too much about society they just do what they wants to do. Some time being a crazy or idiot is very helpful to minimize depression.

  • L – LOYAL

The letter “L” consists of strong mean of loyalty. Children are always loyal to themselves. According to many research if we are not loyal to ourselves than we are never going to taste the flavor of success.  So keep loyal to yourselves and feel the joy of peace.


kid decision making power

Decision making is a real difference between success and failure. Decision making is a part to describing our view and opinion. We all are agreeing at one point that Children are stubborn and they are keep fight until they don’t get it. So make your own decision and trying to make them right.

So that’s the life lesson from child to everyone. If you felt obliged than feel free to Share and Comment on this post.


What is the Best Wedding ceremony Return gifts for Ladies Guest..?

Indian weddings now a days becoming more lavish and grand than ever. The pre-wedding functions are also getting bigger by the day and are celebrated with great pomp and show. Family members of the bride and the groom leave no effort to make it a perfect wedding, whereas gifting is one of the inevitable and important part of Indian weddings, return gifts today to the attendees are token of love for attending the function.

Nowadays, it is very common at pre-wedding functions, such as the Sangeet ceremony, Mehendi ceremony, to give out gifts to guests, and make the event a fun and memorable one for them also. So, if you too are thinking about what to gift your guests on the colorful occasion, here are some interesting gifting ideas for you. When it is a Sangeet or Mehendi Ceremony the guests are the Ladies, So why not planning and keeping one that is the perfect one for them

Here I bring out to you some awesome idea to give a delighting smile to the pretty lips at your Ceremony. There is no better gift than kitchen articles when it comes to gifting a lady. Kitchen Gifts are the best idea to it as it is the most useful to the one it is for that are the pretty ladies to your ceremony, apart from being useful it is also something that is longtime memorable, always remembered whenever used.

You can chose across the wide range of kitchen articles available now-a-days which can be given as gifts to the attendees that are durable and even fits your budget, picking one in this wide-wide range is really awesome, From Choppers to Cutter which make cooking more easy and creative, Vegetable slicer to Cheese greater that makes cooking a easier task, things like Onion chopper and Gas lighter are been used everyday

Here You can Browse Some more kitchen Stuff than can be a Perfect Return gifts for Ladies Guest..


crazy kid by giftoo

Top Most Secrete Tips For Your Child’s Future

Parents always concern about child’s future and make it safe. Anyone can make their child’s future good by improving skill in childhood. So in this post we are going to reveal some secrete tips for shine your child’s skill and make future safe.

These proven secrete Tips of life will helps in your child future:

Time Management

schedule time for watching Tv

We all are concordant at one point that if a person can manage time that success is very easy in life. Educate your children for don’t waste time in watching too much TV or other activities. Make a routine or schedule for important tasks including studies and play. For better habit of time management in your child you have to follow the routine and encourage your champ to do better than you.

Social or Communication Skills

secrete tips for child's future, improve skill

Better communication skill should increase your child’s confidence level in future. This is one of the basic life skills that should be taught right from the time your child is a toddler. Let your child learn how to play well with others because when he will grow up he will be able to handle teamwork successfully and interact with other more efficiently and impressively.

Money Management

kid Painting with parents

This is one of the basic secrete of life which is neglected by most of the parents. Most parents think that giving importance of money issue in front child will make a stressful scenario. Yes, it is right that child are too small to understand financial issue but if we can teach them about money that they should easily understand value of money in future.

Relationship Skills

Improve relationship skill in child

Encourage your child to choose friends with same interests and personalities so that they make good relationship bonding. Showing your kids having and maintaining good relationship skills is an easy way. Encourage your champ to play outdoor games instead of watching TV. Check out How to stop Child for watching too much Television.

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list of Movies for children


Movie is the best way to spell out world around us. Children love to watch movie but as we know every hindi movie not made for kid. Many movies contain adult drama and as a responsible parent we should careful about which types of film are good to watch for kid. So in this particular article we are going to share some best bollywood movies for children which is not only entertaining but also fed up value in children.

children watching TV, how to stop your children for watching TV, list of Movies for children

Children love to watch funny, non-fiction and childish type film. Parents want to bring suitable cinema for kid. So we collect a perfect list of film with joy and fun included.  Here the list of some Bollywood movies based on children genre:

  • STANLEY KA DABBA (2011):

stanley ka dabba, list of Movies for children

A fourth grade student name Stanley was a fun loving kid and popular among friend circle. The story based on Stanley and his Tiffin box. He was favorite student of class because of his funny essay, smile and lovely poem. He was very creative but couldn’t reward for his imagination.

  • THANKS MAA (2010):

Thanks maa- a must watch movies for children

This film was released on 2010 with lots of emotions. Story about five friend name MUNCIPARTY, SODA SURSURI, CUTTING & DEDH SHAANA.  All five kid struggling in their life and munciparty lead among all children from front.

  • DELHI SAFARI (2012):

Delhi safari- A must watch movie for every children, list of Movies for children

Delhi safari was very cute & lovable movie for kid. It was animated movie based on animals. Group of animal decide to discuss their problem with parliament so they planned a trip to Delhi. These are few latest bollywood movies for children.

List has not finish try more hindi film which is mention below.

  • I AM KALAAM (2010)
  • GATTU (2011)
  • CHILLAR PARTY (2011)
  • DHANAK (2015)
  • BUMM BUMM BOLE (2010)

So these are some better movie in Bollywood for every kid to watch. Even parents also watch these movie and spent quality time with children. Stay tune for more post like this.

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